WTF Are Blush Paper Sheets?!

Yep, you got it – sheets that you rub on your face to blush up yo’ cheeks my friend. Specifically the Mai Couture’s Blush Papier* sheets! I recieved them in Sunset Blvd which is actually a shade I would pick for myself, thumbs up BeautyMART for sending me over such a flattering colour!

They claim to be a portable, compact blush-infused blotting paper and I’d say that’s pretty damn accurate. You can finish your makeup and apply your blush over your base powders using one of the papers, or throw them in your handbag to top up throughout the day. Plus, you get 50 sheets which leaves you with plenty of ways to incorporate them into your daily beauty routine.

Firstly, ripping out one of the papers does feel like you’re almost destroying a beautiful product. Oh, and the cardboard packaging does not hold up well in a busy gal’s handbag either (excuse the state of my papers!). But anyway, you rip off a piece of the blotting paper and rub it (yes, yep, yahh) onto your cheeks where you would usually apply your blush. I did notice that a bit of my foundation came off when applying, but it is a blotting paper after all? 

Amazingly, you now have blush on your cheeks and it’s a weirdly magical experience, and so ridiculously fast and convenient. There’s no need to blend, or use a brush, or anything like that – it’s just done. After using these, I’m left with the prettiest flush of matte colour on my cheeks and it looks so beautiful on the skin.

As wear time goes, it isn’t all that impressive. Probably the same as your average drugstore blush and I did find that if I used this blush alone, I would have to top up by mid-afternoon. However, as a topping-up type product, I am completely sold. As a busy gal who’s always on her feet, this is the perfect answer to a beautiful makeup all day long, and for that reason. I 100% think it’s worth the splurge at £16.50. I just wish they would come out with some plastic packaging, damn it!

What do you think about blush infused blotting sheets?

Would you get good use out of them?


  1. Grace Kate
    April 20, 2017 / 4:42 PM

    I have seen MUA bring out some highlighting papers, much like these and I was so confused but I am definitely intrigued to try them out!Grace xx

  2. Mel Burt
    April 21, 2017 / 10:40 PM

    I've heard about blush paper sheets but have never actually seen them in action. They look so easy to use but I bet my idiotic self would totally ruin every single sheet before they even got near my face.Raise The Waves

  3. Veronica Bizzarri
    April 22, 2017 / 11:00 PM

    Such a genius idea! I think these would be perfect for summer when makeup slides off your face.. I'm really surprised with how much colour they transfer.. such a pretty shade too!Ronniewww.veronicabizzarri.comxx

  4. Ffion Davies
    November 4, 2017 / 8:37 PM

    I read your title and was literally like 'wth are those' and even scrolling down looking at the photos I was still like WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE?! I've literally never heard of them ever before! Ffi | The Essence Of Red

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