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Scandi Design Christmas Interior A Budget

Christmas is right around the corner, I can taste the mince pies, hear the Buble Christmas album, and smell every “gingerbread” candle from a mile away. Contrary to my namesake, I haven’t always been a festive gal. However, this year I’m making a conscious effort to start celebrating all things Christmas. Including prepping my home for the festivities with White Christmas Homeware. I’m styling up one of Wayfair‘s new festive trends for 2018. White, Bright, and Metallic. Oh, and I’m so ready to show you lovely lot how you can integrate it into your home this winter.

Scandi Design Christmas Interior A Budget

White homeware has always been a festive trend, and now that simplistic scandi style has truly taken over, it’s even more of statement. I’m all about that minimalist look, and you wont find a string of tinsel in my home. No garish features screaming “IT’S CHRISTMAAAAAAS” in my house. Just warm, hygge vibes that invite you in and ask you to stay. I always find myself surprised at how the little details really make the difference. So, I’m going to show you guys how a simple under £100 spend can completely change up your interiors for winter.

The whole idea of this trend is to create warmth and drama without adding too much extra colour. I’m doing this by adding texture and metallic notes, to add all of that depth without the extra colour.


I’m all about gold, gold gold. But if your preference is chrome, rose gold, or pewter, you can totally make this work for you too. I love pulling together candles and metallic tones as when the wick burns you get a wonderful metallic glow cast off. This Kayoom Saga 3 Piece Candlestick Set* is a fab addition to any dining table or coffee table for wonderfully hygge vibes. Tall candlesticks also add a touch of elegance, luxe, and add height to any area.

Wayfair Kayoom Saga 3 Piece Candlestick Set

Wayfair Kayoom Saga 3 Piece Candlestick Set


Even though I’m a self-confessed gold addict, I am living for silver faux fur. I would personally always suggest shopping faux, as these rugs tend to gather dirt and dust unless you look after them well. I always find the faux ones easier to look after, not to mention they look *just* as good as the real ones. The Hazelwood Home Faux Sheepskin Silver Rug (similar) * is the perfect addition to add some warmth to any floor and works wonderfully draped on the edge of a sofa or table bench.

Hazelwood Home Faux Sheepskin Silver Rug Hazelwood Home Faux Sheepskin Silver Rug


If you’re not the type to dress your home in Holly, pine, and mistletoe, a few sprigs of faux eucalyptus will go a long way. I nabbed this Aufora Artificial Silk Eucalyptus Foliage Stem* for my living room, and it came much longer than I expected! It’s definitely a good thing, however, because you can choose which length suits you. You can either cut the stem, or bend it like I have.

Aufora Artificial Silk Eucalyptus Foliage Stem Aufora Artificial Silk Eucalyptus Foliage Stem

How are you decorating your home for the festive season?

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  1. December 3, 2018 / 5:53 PM

    I love the way it looks, I can’t wait to decorate for christmas!

    Lucy | Forever September

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