Wanagiri Hidden Hills: The Perfect Spot In Bali For Instagram Photos

If you’re looking into going to Bali, or maybe one of your fave influencers has been (or is lucky enough to live there, damn it), you’ll probably lost count of how many times you’ve spotted “Wanagiri Hidden Hills” as a tagged location. It has quickly become one of Bali’s Instagram photo hot spots, and it’s easy to see why. A simple IG search brings up beautiful lake backdrops and blue skies, and swings (obvz). The typical “Bali Instagram shot” on a swing is somewhat cliche, but when in Bali eyyy *shrug emoji* 



On one of our custom tours with Hire Bali Driver, we booked in to stop off for some instagrammy couples shots at Wanagiri Hidden Hills. The day-hire was around 500,000 IDR which was worth it because we could design our own itinerary and didn’t have to worry about getting scooters up hills on rural roads.

We scheduled it in for the day we were in the North of Bali anyway as it is situated on the North bank of the Danau Buyan river. Keep in mind that the North of Bali is much higher up and even has mountains & volcanoes, so wrap up. We were pretty cold for the entire day in the North as we did not dress appropriately at all.

Oh, and it’s also worth noting that there are *a lot* of photo stops as you travel around the area, so keep an eye out in case a spot takes your fancy! We only stopped at one as we were a bit strapped for time, bummer!


Yes guys, contrary to popular believe the snaps you see on IG have indeed been paid for somehow. Throughout Bali you will spot swings and other attractions, and yes, you always have to pay for the opportunity to take snaps with them, Wanagiri Hidden Hills is no exception. The entry fee is 40,000 IDR per person., however we were on a custom tour and had all entry fee’s included in the price for daily hire.

For this entry fee, you can spend as long as you like wandering around and taking snaps, but Al & I were the only tourists there at around 10am on a weekday which was bliss. I’m not sue what it would be like if it was even a little busy as the site of Wanagiri Hidden Hills is *much* smaller than I had previously expected.

However, for such a modest price we didn’t really care at all. With big Bali photo spots like Bali Swing charging up to £30 entry per person, we were happy to part with such a modest price.


Essentially, what you’re paying for is the use of a bunch or props and a god damn gorgeous back drop of Danau Buyan lake. The photo props include a big swing (to actually swing on), smaller swings for cute photos, nests, boats, etc. The concept was to create a little haven for Instagram magic to take place.

All of the props look rustic (not in an old way, but a charming way) and are made out of wood and bamboo which I’m guessing are all locally sourced and made. I left Alix for unlimited goes on the big swing, whilst I got my solo shots with the help of the guys there.

One thing that really did make a difference was the help of the guys who worked at the hills. They were were to hold the swings steady, get me a stepladder, help me up/down said prop, and… they even had reflective panels to bounce the sun around to get you *the ultimate shot*. I was in awe, what a bloody brilliant idea.

I didn’t really tell Alix what the hills were because I have a feeling he wouldn’t have been a fan, but I really wanted us to get some cute couples photos from our travelling in Bali. So I grabbed my reluctant boyfriend and, shocker, he actually got really into it. There’s something about having the perfect set up that makes even the most camera phobic feel a spark of confidence.


Absolutely. If you’re exploring the area anyway, and are looking for a handful of cute #baliinspo photos for a fraction of the price of big names like “Bali Swing”, I would highly recommend popping down to Wanagiri Hidden Hills for some cute shots. Solo or not, this place is the perfect backdrop for the travelling photos that will make half your family and friends ~ awwww ~ and half cringe, but hey, it’s your holiday and your memories – You do you, boo.

Here are a few shots we grabbed at Wanagiri Hidden Hills:

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  1. Megan McCoig
    February 1, 2019 / 9:00 PM

    Oh my goodness Hols, these shots are incredible!!! Definitely adding this to my Bali list. Looks blimmin insane and I have to see it for myself!

  2. February 2, 2019 / 5:48 PM

    What an absolutely magical looking place, Bali is on my travel bucket list, so hopefully one day I’ll get to go!

    Lucy | Forever September

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