Ultimate Guide To Instagrammable London Christmas Displays – Covent Garden

Somerset House SKATE Christmas Tree

The words “London” and “Instagrammable” go hand-in-hand in today’s obsession with ~ doing it for the gram ~ and I can totally understand why. This isn’t a read in anyway, you want the pic for the gram? You go get it, gurl. London is full to the brim of insta-friendly places to snap and explore. But, where do you head to for all the festive goodness in December? DW guys, I’ve got your back with this latest instalment of “Where to take gr8 xmas pics” also known as my Guide To Instagrammable London Christmas Displays.

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LOCATION: Russel Street

My mum swears by Balthazar as one of the best places in London to grab a boujie breakfast. But I also think you can kill two birds so to speak, if it’s a cute pic you’re after. Balthazar put up seasonal displays every few months, and I must say, they’re always really tasteful and elegant. Giant wreaths covered in big red baubles? Festive perfection from Balthazar.

Balthazar Covent Garden Christmas Display Balthazar Covent Garden Christmas Display


LOCATION: Covent Garden (obvz)

If you’re visiting London at any time of the year, Covent Garden is a must. There are plenty of places to grab food/drinks, shops to explore, and it also has a lot of history under it’s belt. But if you’re specifically looking for a festive day out, it’s a fab place to head to in the am. A must have is a photo of the front of the historic market, but the seasonal displays are by far the most popular. This year’s candy cane and mistletoe eleganza really is Christmas summed up in a display.

TOP TIP – Get there early if you want good photos. By midday, you wont be able to get a shot without someone in the background or queues at the best places. I usually shoot there between 8am-11am and it does gradually get busier and harder to take photos as the morning goes on, and I’ve had to queue for the famous swings a few times now.

Covent Garden Christmas Display Covent Garden Christmas Display Covent Garden Christmas Display


LOCATION: Covent Garden

I know what you’re going to say, the car is one whole category? Fuck yeah, guys. This car was the photo I shot last, and was by far the most popular amongst the people in Covent Garden that morning. No matter what time we passed, someone was taking a photo of or with the car. I mean look at it, can you blame them?

TOP TIP – If you have a similar experience to me, you’ll have people trying to take photos of the car whilst you’re standing in front of it. I spent about 5 minutes getting photos, but in that time I had about 5 people try to take photos of the car. One of which stood next to my sister and started huffing and tutting at us. Top tip? SMILE AND IGNORE THEM. You get your photo, queen.

Covent Garden Christmas Display Covent Garden Christmas Display


LOCATION: Covent Garden

The Chanel shop alwaaaaays looks beautiful, but they have a special display out to celebrate their limited edition No.5 for Christmas. How fabulous is this giant perfume bottle?

Chanel Covent Garden Christmas Display



More one of those artsy and editorial locations to shoot, but with a bit of bokeh… the shots look ~ so ~ good. The florist itself is on the corner of the road so you do have a lot of space to get photos, but expect someone to walk into shot every 30 seconds.

TOP TIP – In the early mornings (8am-10am), King Road is full of delivery vans to restock the shop. The footfall is the same around 11am but quieter on the streets, so I’d leave this one til last if you want to grab a pic safely then.

Petersham Nurseries Covent GardenPetersham Nurseries Covent Garden



Just to the right of the Floral Street perfumery store, there’s a small passageway down to a little Christmassy courtyard filled with low-key festive vibes. Simple Christmas trees & fairy lights adorn the courtyard and it’s such a lovely place to sit with a coffee or have a packed lunch if that’s your thing.

FLORAL COURT Covent GardenFLORAL COURT Covent Garden


LOCATION: Conduit Court

I’d seen this place on IG so many times but never seemed to find it when out and about in LDN town. Hurrahhhh, I finally found it guys (by accident but whatever it counts) and it’s easily found when you head to Floral Court. You can’t miss the rows and rows of lights, and the tunnel is always brightly lit up so you can grab photos anytime.

TOP TIP – This passage links two main areas of Covent Garden so it’s very hard to get shots without anyone in them, especially since the whole tunnel is mirrored!




Okay so Somerset House is *the* place to wrap up your festive day out in the Covent Garden area, officially. A short walk from the main Covent Garden Market, Somerset House is located on The Strand near to Waterloo Bridge and banks the Thames River. They host SKATE at Somerset House every year, and it’s an opportunity to get your skates on, grab some mulled wine, and have a festive moment with friends, family, a loved one, etc. Obvz, grab your pic with the most iconic Christmas tree in London though. Don’t you just love the F&M basket decorations?!

TOP TIP – I got lost the first time I went to Somerset House and didn’t end up finding the main outdoors area, but you can ask anyone for “SKATE” and they’ll show you where you need to go. Plus, the House has “wings” and one of them is a Fortnum and Mason pop up shop for all your festive needs!

Somerset House SKATE Christmas Tree Somerset House SKATE Christmas Tree


 Guide To Instagrammable London Christmas Displays

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