Ultimate Guide To London’s Instagrammable Festive Displays – Mayfair

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Christmas is a mere 22 days away, and I know this makes for the perfect excuse to pop down to London town and lap up the sights of the city. So, I’m taking you guys through my definitive guide to Ultimate Guide To London’s Most Instagrammable Festive Displays. 

There’s always so much going on in the big city, so expect to see some updates as the weeks roll on and we reach peak festive-vibes at the end of December. But so far, these have got to be my favourite spots to grab a festive pic in London. Not to mention, they’re all quite close together and I’ve bundled them in their respective areas, so you can get your pics fo’ the gram in one swift go. If you want to keep up with me in real-time, give me a follow on Instagram, my feed is full of festive inspo atm!



LOCATION: Berkeley Square

One of the best displays of Christmas 2018 is definitely Annabel’s present-inspired tree display. They really went above and beyond this year, and it shows. Everyone who passes this place can’t not stop, stare, enjoy, and obvz snap a photo or two.

TOP TIP – This display is located on a main road in Berkeley Square, be sure to watch for traffic and please *don’t* stand in the middle of the road for a photo. I actually took these shots from the other side of the road and it made for a fab pic for the ‘gram.

Annabel's London Berkeley Square

Annabel's London Berkeley Square


LOCATION: Mount Street

Straight past Annabel’s and make a left, you’re now on Mount Street… and yes, it’s festive displays galore. It’s worth noting that I haven’t included all displays in this post as almost every shop has their own festive decorations up. Just have a stroll and enjoy the Christmassy vibe. One of my fave lesser-known displays is by Jenny Packham, a fashion shop which has a really stunning display up and I couldn’t help but stop and take a photo.

TOP TIP – Out of everywhere I’ve been to take photos for festive shots, the staff here were the least welcoming. Just a heads up, guys. You might get a few… looks.

jenny packham mayfair


LOCATION: Mount Street

If you keep following Mount Street around the corner, you’ll eventually reach Weatherell’s. You’ll know it when you see it, it’s such a striking festive display. A bright wreath of baubles adorns the entrance, and the staff seem to be totally used to be people dropping by for a photo or two with the display.

TOP TIP – There’s a lovely little independent coffee shop two doors down which I would 10/10 recommend for smooth, silky latte in the cosiest cafe setting going.

Wetherell Mayfair Estate Agents


LOCATION: Mount Street

George’s is located a little further down on the same road as Weatherell’s. Although I didn’t take a snap of it, the entire outside area is fenced off with little gingerbread men. So you can’t really miss this one! The doorway of obvz most instagram-worthy, but the little side area is also gingerbread themed.

TOP TIP – The doorway of this private club is always in use, even if it looks closed! So be wary of people coming in and out of the door when you’re taking photos in front of it and I wouldn’t spend too long here in fear of getting in the way of service.

George Club Mount Street Mayfair
George Club Mount Street Mayfair George Club Mount Street Mayfair


LOCATION: St James’s

Now this location was very, very difficult to shoot because the restaurant & shop is located on the main road, Piccadilly, and there were constant streams of people. You do just have to get snap happy and get a lot of shots in order to get ~ the one ~ and when you do, it’s so worth it.

TOP TIP – When I posted these photos on social, Caviar House was totally interactive and invited everyone in the comments down to get their own snaps to share on social. IMO, fab Instagram presence and it’s worth tagging these guys in your IG posts because they really do appreciate them!

Caviar House & Prunier St James's Caviar House & Prunier St James's



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