Top Tips & Products For Looking After Dry, Damaged, & Dyed Hair

You lot asked for it, so here it is – My latest haircare routine, products, and tips for bleached and damaged hair. I get a ridiculous amount of DM’s from my IG stories asking about how my hair is still so long after bleaching the living daylights out of it at least twice a year, and I’m here to tell you how I’ve kept it in the best condition possible

 NGL, my hair is a frizzy/greasy/knotty mess 70% of the time but you do need to spend a little bit more time taming that mane if you’re going to take the plunge and chemically process it with bleach or hair dye. Lets be honest, no one wants to see me with a nest of dry hair on my head (literally what I wake up to everyday) but if that resonates with you, I can help you to tame it as best you can. I’ve also managed to keep my silver hair for months without redying it, thanks so some of these products, so if you want to prolong your colour this lil guide might help you too!


Olaplex No. 3 Hair Protector*

This is the one haircare product that I’ve literally stuck with for a whole year now. I use it for about two/three months after I get my hair bleached and I feel like it really does work hard to bounce your hair back into a pre-bleached state. Of course, your hair is going to feel more dry and brittle – but this stuff really does help to re-build the broken bonds within the hair and make it stronger. I would highly suggest buying this if your hair gets very brittle after bleaching and snaps a lot!

SHAMPOO #1The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Refreshingly Purifying Shampoo*

As I have a very oily scalp (oily skin problems)  and I have many steps in my hair care routine, I love using a purifying shampoo to really work that grease and product build up off of my scalp. I also have alopecia which means that I need to treat my scalp well as the hair loss leaves me with random bald spots on my scalp which can get a little sensitive, especially with heavily fragranced, synthesised shampoo products. I’ve been really enjoying Fuji Green Tea Refreshingly Purifying Shampoo, it has a really light fresh green tea scent and does the world of good for my scalp whilst providing a thorough clean.

SHAMPOO #2Davines Alchemic Shampoo in Silver Fox*

No worries if you’re not a “Silver Fox” like me, Davines provides this colour-enhancing shampoo in a multitude of tones, including Red and Chocolate Brunette. This shampoo works on reviving your colour throughout every wash, leaving you with a more bright, shiny shade of red.. brunette.. silver… I love this particular formula as it doesn’t dry out my hair like most “purple shampoos” I’ve tried during the last few years of being silver and blonde. If you’re looking for a colour maintainer that wont leave your hair dry and crunchy, I would suggest this one.

My top tip here would be to leave the shampoo in for longer than recommended, it’s always better to over tint your hair and the colour will last longer and wont oxidise with the air as fast.

DEEP CONDITIONERUmberto Giannini Beach Care Conditioner*

If you enjoy a really deeply nourishing conditioner that’s going to leave your healthy on the inside, and the outside, I would suggest checking this one out. It’s available on the high street and relatively cheap, oh and it contains Coconut Oil to really work that moisture back into your dry ends. 

HAIR MASKKerastase Masque Cromatique*

This mask formula is specially designed for fine, sensitised, coloured, and highlighted hair – so if your hair fits into one of those categories, I would 100% suggest checking this out. Okay, okay, so everyone knows that Kerastase means spending a little more £££ than you usually would, but I can’t stress this enough: The quality of the product is so worth the splurge.

When I first tried this mask I had that whole “ohhhh so this is what the hype is all about ehhh?” revelation, and I have no doubt that you will too. This masque leaves my hair feeling nourished, shiny, and full of life… despite the crazy amount of processing that it’s been through of late.

I’d definitely recommend lightly towel drying your hair before applying a mask as hair can only hold a certain amount of moisture, you don’t want the mask sitting on top of your hair shaft!

HAIR OIL72 Hair Repairing Oil*

I used to use this bloody amazing oil from Kerastase, but when it ran out I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the £20+ for a small vial of the stuff. Queue 72 Hair and their Repairing Oil! I actually think this product is even better for my hair type and even my boyfriend notices when I use it and my hair is “silky soft” ~ his words not mine ~ which tell ya something huh? It beats frizz and deeply hydrates, oh and you can pick up this brand at the Toni & Guy store, FYI. 

Top Tip for hair oils – apply generously before bed (I mean like 6-10 pumps) on the ends of your hair and then plait or tie it back. When you wake in the morning your dehydrated locks will have absorbed the oil and wont leave a smidgen of greasiness! 

FRIZZ PREVENTIONS Factor By Tigi Smoothing Lusterizer*

If like me you have normal/thick hair, bleaching or dying will invitably cause one thing – FRIZZ. There really is no escaping it and my hair gets ridiculously frizz-ball-esque within a day of washing so I need to have a good styler on hand, that can be used on dry hair. This is definitely the answer to all of my prayers. I was sent this for PR and was a bit “meh” because it’s not something I would usually pick up – the product itself actually has shimmer in it and the smell is not my fave (strawberry and cream of smth?) BUT this product works wonders on my frizz and flyaways and I wouldn’t go a day without it… seriously.

It’s definitely worth having a look at Capital Hair & Beauty for hair products (especially gifting sets) thus Christmas as they have some fab value box sets which would make for the perfect mini gift or stocking fillers! I think the lil Tigi Bed Heads are perfect for treating yourself or someone special this xmas, or perhaps a new hairstyler (they have a gr8 selection to choose from!) would be the top prezzie this year….

What are your holy grail haircare products for dry, damaged, and dyed hair?


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