The Perfect Brush Set For Purr-maids

If you hadn’t noticed already, let me confirm something for you: I love cats. Love is a serious underestimate here, but for ease and simplicity, they are the best things on this planet. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good lil sausage dog a qt-pie pug too! Cats have always just been my favorite animal since Day 1 – *cough* Lion King *cough*.

So, when I heard about the latest trend “purr-maids” I was so very, very excited. I mean, what girl didn’t secretly want to be Ariel when they were young right? Combining the idea of mermaids with kittys was a genius move, and I must thank whichever great mind brought the concept into the world – it’s made my life a little happier.

Spectrum Collections*. Ever heard of them? Course you have! They do the most amazingly aesthetically pleasing, girly girl, yet badass, makeup brushes. They’re known for creating the “most instagrammable brushes” out there, and for good reason. They’re bloody gorgeous.

I already have the great pleasure of owning the 4 Piece Contouring Face Set*, which I use pretty much everyday because they’re just that good. It contains 4 of the OG Spectrum face brushes, and I use mine for foundation, blush, contour, & setting powder.

However, I’ve recently become a little bit more adventurous in terms of eye makeup – so when Spectrum offered to send over their 8 Piece Eye Blending Set*, I jumped at the opportunity. I’m always up for finding new tools to perfect my blending, my application, and my general makeup looks!

The 8 Piece Eye Blending Set Contains:

A16 Precision Crease*

B06 Tall Tapered Blender*

B04 Small Angled Blender*

A08 Medium Fluffy Shader*

A07 Stubby Shader*

A12- Fluffy Pencil*

A13 – Short Smudge*

C06 – Tulip Eye Contour*

^ Each available separately, clickable links above ^

Not only are these brushes vegan and cruelty free, but they are so soft. Not too soft though, they still have enough stiffness to apply and move product around, but are so gentle on your skin. Especially since the skin on and around your eyes is very delicate. I do get sensitive skin and periodic dry patches around my eyes, and I’ve found these brushes to be much more gentle on my eyes compared to my other brushes. 

My favourite way to use these brushes (and yes, I do have favourites) is B04 to apply a base colour on the lid, and a light transition colour into the crease and slightly on the brow bone. C06 is up next, I use this one to pack more colour into the crease and blend out. A12 is purrrrfect for adding definition into the crease and more importantly, the “outer-v” shape, and I use A08 to blend that all out into the transition shades.

Love packing pigment onto your lids? I certainly do for Autumn, so A16 and a little MAC Fix+ have been my BFFs. Finally, I use B06 to blend all the hard lines out around my brow bone, and A13 & A07 to add some shading on my bottom lid – Voila! 

The fact that these brushes are unbelievably pretty, and fit for any purr-maid, is the icing on the cake. With Spectrum drawing inspiration from magical and mythical beings, like mermaids & unicorns, it’s easy to see why these brushes are on every gals’ wish list. Pink? Tick. Ombre? Tick. Brush Goals? Hell yeah. Even a self confessed goth gal like me can’t resist the allure of these bad boys.

Have you got any Spectrum Collection brushes?

Which are your favourites?



  1. Lisa Santos
    October 27, 2016 / 2:08 PM

    They look like great brushes

    • Holly Ah-Thion
      November 12, 2016 / 6:12 PM

      Thanks so much, Lisa! xo

  2. Nicole Merza
    October 28, 2016 / 3:15 AM

    These brushes look lovely! Loving the colours on them. I def need to try some brushes from Spectrum. I've heard great things 🙂 Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • Holly Ah-Thion
      November 12, 2016 / 6:12 PM

      You certainly need to, they're such good quality! <3

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