Supper In Stockholm – Downtown Camper Review

Nestled in the heart of Stockholm Central is the Downtown Camper by Scandic*: A hotel, restaurant, and bar serving up true contemporary scandi vibes. From Korean Spice, to Hot Dogs, to Spicy Tacos – the restaurant, Campfire*, has all of your street food needs all under one roof. Campfire invited me downtown to trial and review their menu when we we’re in Stockholm, and I have some extremely yummy finds to share with you all…


We opted for a glass of the house Brut Champagne* (approx. 100 SEK) each, and it was a splendid choice for the evening. Alix and I aren’t the biggest drinkers unless we’re going out-out so a glass of fizz is the ideal dinner drink for us both. The house choice was a really good option and wasn’t as dry as I was expecting it to be!


We didn’t know this before going, but most proper “sit down” restaurants in Sweden generally offer you some form of bread to have with your meal, and it’s totally complimentary. Two of the most common types we found was some form of sourdough and a type of flatbread/crispbread (which is really popular).

To start, we chose two of the dishes that really got our mouths watering and split them both – tapas style, you know? Firstly, the Peruvian Tostadas* (155 SEK) with delicious crab whipped up in a creamy sauce with avocado and a mixture of spices, was beaaaautiful on the palate. Genuinely, I could have stolen Al’s half and had it all to myself. The crispy tosadas were a little salty for my liking, but Alix strongly disagreed so… you decide! Plus, we weren’t expecting some cheeky prawns on top which were a real plus for both of us!

Second choice was the Korean Spice* (145 SEK), a spicy mixture of beef tartare (omg), kimchi, and gochujang (a hot pepper paste, apparently!) which blew us both away. I just want to note that the little jars were so bloomin cute, and they make it really easy to see the variety of layers of beef and kimchi. I really enjoyed packing the korean-inspired filling onto the lettuce cups, and the zingy tomato sauce really did offset the richness of the dish – A delightful starter!


It’s a very “When In Stockholm” thing to order seafood, seriously. The Swedish do seafood so, so well and it’s always fresh. Oh and it was definitely no exception at the Campfire. I obvz went for the Valencia Grill* (365 SEK): fish, seafood, saffron – YUM! And I was right, it was delish. The grill is very much like a seafood riscotto done Spanish-style, and it was dreamy beyond expectations. The fish itself was well cooked, but pretty average – but the actual risotto however, oh. my. god. 10/10.

My other half decided on the Grilled Cod Rockafeller* (325 SEK) a mixture of cod and oyster in a Hollandaise sauce served with (perfectly cooked) boiled herb potatoes. There were no complaints on his side, and an empty plate said it all really. We’re both definitely strong believers in the fact that ordering fish/seafood in Stockholm is an extremely good idea – Especially at the Campfire!


Okay, okay, okay – Let me just get this out of the way. Dessert was extremely disappointing for me. I ordered the Cinnamon Churros* (95 SEK) (fyi churros are my all time favourite) and they came on the burnt side. I managed to get through half of one and then I sort of gave up as they were really brittle and didn’t taste of much at that point. The ducle de leche was really yummy, as well as the creamy lime dip – but the Churros sadly get a thumbs down from this kitty.

Alix decided to order something a little different in the Cranberry Clafoutis* (115 SEK) which was a dense almond-y cake served with a delish ice cream. The cake was a little to heavy for my preference but the tastes were wonderful. As the cake is pretty dense, neither of use were able to finish it but it definitely satisfied our need for a sweet treat after all the seafood.

A big thank you to Downtown Camper by Scandic for inviting me to come down and review the menu, I’ll be popping back for some more amazing seafood next time I’m visiting Stockholm!


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*I was gifted this experience with Downtown Camper, but my thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  1. Mel Eaglestone
    January 23, 2018 / 8:02 PM

    Forget the food and decor, you looked stunning in your glassesMel ✨

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