What Can 5000 Boots Points Get You?

So recently I hit my personal aim of 5000 Boots Points.

I know that having a points aim is ridiculous, but so is the amount of money that I spend in Boots.

In the end, it made sense to save up my points until I got to an amount that I wouldn’t usually spend in one go, and well, spend it all in one go.

If you didn’t know, Boots have an “Advantage” points card where you collect 4 points per £1 spent.. blah blah, and they also regularly give out coupons for double points and stuff like that.

So at 5000 points, I had £50.00 to spend in store.
And as I ran out of perfume that week, it was sort of decided for me.

As Marc Jacobs had only recently released their new Decadence fragrance, I went into town to give it a sniff. Everything about this perfume ticked my boxes – a musky, yet fruity, fragrance with unbelievably lovely packaging.


I did intend on buying the 50ml variety, however you apparently need to have enough points to cover the cost of the total price of an item, so I went for the 30ml for £48.00 variety instead.

The lady at the perfume counter thought to mention that girls had been going to buy the product “just for the pretty bottle” – I assume that she was insinuating that I’m shallow. I hate not using self-checkout.

However, the woman had a point –  the packaging is ridiculously nice.
I could easily buy the product for this, it’s a plus that the scent is amazing.





Would I spend £48 of my real money on this?
Yes, yes I would. For sure, guys.
However for the amount of fragrance that you get for your money, I would feel very guilty about it afterwards.

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