SocialBerry Must Haves | September LFW

Let’s be completely honest guys: you’ve probably seen me moping about social media in the past few days, simply because I’m not at London Fashion Week. Booooo, yes I’ve been having a bit of a strop. I have been lucky enough to be invited to a variety of shows and boutiques at LFW, so whyyy did my uni course have to start on the same week as LFW ??? Maybe it’s just a sign from the style gods, that it just isn’t my LFW year yet. Any way, the lovely gals over at SocialBerry sent me over a multitude of LFW-inspired goodies to get me through the new season!


Awake & Asleep Recovery Pack*

If I ever did need a potion, it would be this one. I have some trouble sleeping the majority of the time, so a herbal remedy like this is perfect for someone like me. Containing extracts like Green Tea, Ginseng and Guarana, these lil potions give you a multivitamin boost and restores electrolyte balance. This would be especially handy after a night out, when your body is super dehydrated! 


Peeper Bikini Bra in Black*

Peeper Bikini Shorts in Black*

‘feeling or revealing an overt sexual interest or desire…’

Now, I am such a packaging gal, and this swimwear set is ridiculously beautifully presented. The suave matte black box, the glossy lettering, tissue paper, and more. Lascivious (la-siv-ee-us) really don’t cut corners with their products, and you really do get what you paid for. Unboxing this gorgeous set was a spectacle in itself. The bikini top and shorts are of such high quality, and I was pretty impressed by the aesthetic of the entire brand – I can’t wait to rock this ‘kini on my next holibobs!


Energy Smoothie Pack*

Defence Smoothie Pack*

Detox Smoothie Pack*

Cawston Press Cloudy Apple*

Vita Coco Coconut Water*

Pack’d was kind enough to send over all three of their smoothie packs, and I must say, I love the concept of this one. These packs take the hassle out of smoothie making, and prevent fruit wastage (don’t lie, we’ve all done it)! You simply pop a frozen pack of yummy fruits into your blender, add a liquid of your choice & sprinkle in a super food sachet for good measure  – then blend away! 


Advanced Toothpaste*

Boosting Serum*

As soon as these popped through my letter box, I was pretty damn excited. Truth is, I have awfully weak teeth. I look after them so well, but genetics just really let me down on this one. These products are uniquely formulated to reduce and prevent tooth erosion, which can be invisible to the eye! They restore mineral content and micro-hardness of teeth over time, so hopefully I’ll be saying yaaaas to healthier & stronger teeth soon!


Personalised Emergency Pamper Kit*

How cute is this pamper kit?! It even has my name on it, which makes it extra cute. I love anything personalised and this bag full of emergency pampering products makes for a hella good gift. I recieved a pink clay face mask, coconut milk bath soak, coconut oil hair mask, fig and olive body butter, oh & a gin and tonic lip balm! The kit is a great pick me up, and is perfect for a friend (or yourself) when in need of some spa-esque TLC.


Reflection Tee*

This unisex tee calls to me guys: 1. It’s a graphic tee, which is fab & 2. It’s long and so, so comfy. This is definitely my freshers week staple as it’s been so comfortable to wear for hangover days, and doesn’t compromise on style. The fit suits both women and men so well (the boyf tried it on, and almost stole it). Effortless monochrome style, thank you Total Black!

Which products from this month’s box have you got your eye on?

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