Real Techniques Bold Metals Essentials Review

So long story short, I was passing through Boots on the way to work and saw an exclusive offer that I couldn’t miss out on. Three Real Techniques Bold Metals Essentials Brushes for £30.00, with a RRP of £64.00.
Thank you very, very much Boots.


I already purchased the Bold Metals 101 – Triangle Foundation Brush (£22.00/each) during the summer, and was amazed by the quality of the brushes. Plus the design is absolutely stunning, and anything metallic has me spending my $$$.


The set comes with a cute little “brush clutch” to store your Bolt Metals brushes in, however I did try to stuff them in there, and they didn’t really fit. The brushes were really squashed, and I can imagine that causing damage to the bristles, or misshaping the brush head over time. So it’s really cute and all, but I haven’t found a use for it yet.


L to R: 103 – Angled Powder Brush, 300 – Tapered Blush Brush,  200 – Oval Shadow Brush

On holding the brushes, you can really feel why these brushes are usually £20-something a pop each. The handle is weighted which means you need to work a little bit harder when applying, however it means you’ll have much more control on the product placement (without even noticing).

The brush heads are also so beautiful, the bristles begin at a colour similar to the handle (103-yellow, 200-grey, 300-pink) and then ombres out to white. All of the brushes are baby soft, and don’t drag on the skin at all. This is really important, because using an brush with hard hairs can really irritate your skin.

My overall opinion is that the Real Techniques Bold Metals Essentials brushes are 100% worth the high end price tag, they’re great at blending, and will change the way you apply your make up.


103 – Angled Powder Brush


200 – Oval Shadow Brush


300 – Tapered Blush


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