Purrfectbox July Unboxing

Do you need an excuse to treat a pet? I certainly don’t. Any chance to spoil a pet rotten is money well spent in my opinion, you can’t get any better than pet lovin’! The team over at Perrfectbox* sent me over an email to ask if I’d test out their July Box* with a kitty friend, and I simply couldn’t wait to give it to my boyfriend’s mum’s ginger cutie, Ranga! He’s a young adult kitten and just loves to play with anything and everything, so he was the ideal candidate to try out the box!

The Perrfectbox is a monthly subscription box for your feline friend which is guaranteed to contain more than £30 worth of treats, accessories, toys, and more! And you can treat your kitty to a box for only£19.90 a month. Just, pick your kitty category – Kitten, Adult, or Senior!



I’m all about keeping kitty healthy and happy so I was so curious when I spotted these in this month’s box, a complementary cat food! The tablets contain vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy coat, promote good digestion, and strengthen your feline friend’s nerves!


I was so excited to see this inside the box, as it has so much potential. It’s not something you can just hand to your pet to play around with, but you have to plant the barley seed and take care of the plant! It promises to benefit your cat’s health, especially young cats as it’s rich in vitamins and aids digestion.


These fun little wicker-style balls are enhanced with silverline, which is proven to induce a very playful reaction in felines (similar to catnip). So of course, I put this to the test! I left my furry friend alone with the balls, & he was clawing away at them in no time! He was entertained for hours, and he even still goes to play with them now – these balls are definitely Ranga approved!


When I saw these in the box, I was so intrigued. I knew that cats had a taste for fish, but seafood ??? I was a bit skeptical. I gave one to Ranga to sniff, and although he was initially very interested in this new scent – he soon lost interest and refused to eat even one little treat! I think Ranga is a bit of a picky one with food, but he definitely gave this one a thumbs down.

(Ranga got in a little cat fight the day before, so he has a few little scabs on his face!)


These treats on the other hand, had Ranga going a bit nuts – he loves them. I think it might be the combination of the inner gravy layer, with the crispy outer shell. And it’s totally okay that he loves them because they contain no artificial additives, he certainly was feline happy!


At first, Ranga had little to no interest in this wand toy. But as soon as I started tempting him from behind the sofa, his natural instinct took over and he started to really get involved. From human point of view, this was such a great toy for interacting with your cat, without any possibility of clawing incidents. It was great to see him jumping around and strategically pouncing on the rattling snake toy at the end of the wand! 


I have to apologise in advance for the lack of images of Ranga playing with this toy. As soon as I took this one out of the palette he grabbed it out of my hands and ran off to play with it! It’s safe to say, catnip is his favourite kitty treat. He was really excitable and playful for a while, and then mellowed out and gave it a mini kitten cuddle and fell asleep with it, the absolute qt! I love the fact that the flower is not made with any glue, which means that there is no risk of your kitty pulling it apart and swallowing any parts!

Don’t have a kitty? Have a pup instead?

Then have a peek at the Pawsome Box which has all sorts of treats for your doggy pal!

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