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Rosebud Bath Petals*

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It’s every girls dilemma, right? A night out on the town, or a night in with a cuppa? I’m the sort of girl that can totally do both. Some days I couldn’t think of anything worse than putting on a full face of makeup, dressing up & drinking. But on other occasions I’m that party animal that convinces the girls that we really need to go out and let loose.This season is all about the best of both worlds.

The party season is one of the most highly anticipated times of the year, with beautiful dresses, bags, and shoes apleanty on the high street. Not going to lie, I have made a few cheeky impulse purchases after spotting some seriously cute sequinned outfits whilst “window shopping” this season. However, those chilly, festive vibes are incoming, and the temptation to veg out with a yummy hot chocolate and the lastest reality tv is pretty damn strong.


Chloe Plunge Bra in Animal*

Chloe Shorts in Animal*

So I fell in love with this set as soon as I saw it, duh. Animal print, yup. Pink detailing, uh-huh. And a seriously impressive push up effect? Hell yeah. They really do express my inner kitten, plus the set is so cute. I’m not into bright underwear at all, so the little hint of bright pink is just enough to add a little something something to the set. I can imagine this set looking gr8 under everything and anything, especially a top with a little plunge, or a tight poppin’ bodycon dress.

Malika Cross Front Bra*

Underwear as outerwear is so in right now. It has been for the last 2/3 AW seasons but hey, it’s a good’un. There’s nothing that makes me feel sexier than when my lingerie makes my body look fab. So why not incorportate it into an outfit? IMO, this bra would look so cute underneath a deep plunge body/top or, if you’re a brave gal, under a black mesh tee tucked into a leather skirt.

Sometimes, it’s not about showing your underwar though, it’s about concealing it. Naturally, a nude Strapless Bra is an essential in any girl’s wardrobe. There’s nothing quite like a comfy, strapless to keep you in place when wearing a bandeau or bardot top, ya feel me?

Microfibre Moulded Strapless Bra in Nude*

Satin Nipple Petals*

Secret Tape*

Naturally, underwear solutions are a massive must for the party season. I am such an advocate for Nipple Petals, as I do have my nipples pieces. Trust me, when it gets cold my nips are like icebergs. I do like going bra-less with a low cut dress or top, so these are pretty essential for me. For me, there’s definitely a fine line between baring just the right amount, and baring too much. Again, Secret Tape is a must for me, as if I’m going bra-less I need to make sure that everything stays just where it’s supposed to be… *flashback to a very awkward nip slip last year*

Metallic Makeup Brush Set*

Metallic Cosmetics Bag*

Funkin’ Cocktails Cocktails Shaker and Raspberry Mojito mix*

A lot of the time, all the gals get together in one apartment and we all get ready together (queue the obvious: Taylor Swift, Rhianna, and Beyonce filled playlists). So, it’s pretty key to have a good, sturdy makeup bag and a small collection of brushes – otherwise I’d be bringing my entire makeup collection with me. Less time doing our makeup = more time singing along, dancing around, and making drinks! Of course, cocktails are a gal’s go-to – Funkin’ Cocktails offer a really fun way of creating your fave drinks in the comfort of your own hope. Cocktail in one hand, makeup brush in the other!


Minky Leopard Fleece Pants*

If I’m staying in, I’m totally changing into my comfies and not leaving the sofa unless I need food, or a wee – So my choice of loungewear is prettyyy important. As soon as I spotted these I was over the moon, they’re purrfect for a leopard lover like myself! Plus, they are so soft. Literally, so ridiculously soft. I’m ready to pop these on a sloth about for the entire season tbh.

Love Boux Bodycare Gift Set*

Metallic Manicure Set*

Barry M Molten Metallics Nail Polish*

Batiste Hydrating Oil*

There is nothing quite like a pamper sesh, especially after a long day or week of work/uni/life itself. Obvz, my first go-to is a lush bath to really relax and get in the mood to chill. Face mask, full body exfoliation, and scented lotion inclusive, obviously. Then, a manicure is definitely in order – I’m loving the metallic/chrome nail trend right now (IKR, it’s so hyped but so good). It might sound so weird, but I also really enjoy spending time doing my hair. Yup, even if I’m staying in – I just adore putting products in  my hair and styling it for the next few days, whether that be straightening or curling – a lil fine mist spritz of hairspray all over to secure the style.

If you’re getting into the party season, why not head to your nearest Boux Avenue store on December 1st 2016  for their Christmas Party Store event!

Psst, get unlimited use of 20% OFF EVERYTHING on the Boux Avenue website using my exclusive with “KITTYBOUX”



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