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Okay, so I’ve been a tiny bit obsessed with Pandora ever since I recieved my first Pandora ring for my 21st birthday, and the a Pandora Charm Bracelet for my 22nd (my boyfriends’ family are the best). So when The Jewel Hut asked if I wanted to take a lil Pandora Passport Charm* on an adventure, I just had to. 

The Passport Charm* is so up my street, guys. It features a beautiful airplane passport dropper, with the signature Pandora symbol on the back. Plus, it has a beautiful cubic zirconia set carrier that just adds that touch of Pandora elegance. As always, you know that it’s of a very high sterling silver quality with Pandora too. 

I am such a travel enthusiast, and I’ve constantly got wanderlust (it’s hard not to when scrolling on IG), so finding new places to explore locally is really important to me. I took the charm on a trip to Penarth Pier and Beach to watch the sun set, and the tide come in. I had never been there before, and I’m such a beach gal. My friends and I had a wander down the Pier to soak up the last of the sunlight, and then we headed down to the beach to skim stones and listen to some laid back tunes. The day was finished off with classic sea-side fish & chips, and obvz a scoop of yummy toffee ice cream.

It really is the perfect little accessory to take on your travels and make lasting memories. I’m a strong believer in associating good times with a certain item, and it’s just fab to have that little something that reminds you of all of your holiday adventures.


Check out the awesome photography by Ben Blyth, he’s a wizard behind a camera – and these shots have some serious edge to them. He also resides in Cardiff, so if any Cardiff-based bloggers out there need a photographer for a shoot – Ben’s your guy.

Ben Blyth

Want to check out Ben‘s work? Twitter | Instagram | Website


  1. Millie Nicole
    June 13, 2016 / 8:22 PM

    Ah that's such a pretty charm, it's so nice when your jewellery also has a meaning behind it! Millie x // Millie’s Wardrobe

    • Holly Ah-Thion
      June 14, 2016 / 10:32 AM

      I totally agree with you! <3

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