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5 Products For Hormonal Breakouts

* I was gifted some of the products in this post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own *

* This post contains affiliate links *

If you’ve been keeping up with me on social media (if not, then you should *wink emoji*) you’ll probably know that I decided to come off the pill for the first time in 5 years last month. I found that the pill was starting to cause a lot of side effects that I just wasn’t happy to experience anymore and the process of taking the pill was causing me a lot of anxiety for that reason. I had a sneaky feeling that the pill has had more of a negative impact on my mental health in the last 3 years and I feel a lot more comfortable now that I’m weaning my body off of hormonal contraception. I was anticipating heavy, unpredictable periods, however one aspect that I really wasn’t prepared for was hormonal breakouts. 

Now, I’m even slightly professionally educated in the subject, and I don’t know if all women would experience this during coming off the pill. But I’ve been experiencing non-stop breakouts in really odd places, for the whole month of February. By odd places I mean places that I don’t get stress breakouts or breakouts from eating lots of bad (but so good) food like my forehead or my cheeks. I’ve been getting breakouts on my nose, which has never happened to me before, and all over my chin and jawline, which is even weirder. I haven’t changed my diet and I’m using my holy grail foundation that had done me right for three months now… so I’m making an educated guess in saying that it’s hormonal. 

Backstory, but when I was on the pill I had pretty much clear skin other than one or two spots when I was on my period. But the pill itself cleared up all of my teenage acne and I was pretty much a clear skin gal for years. Now, just running my fingers along my jaw and chin… I can feel shit tonnes of “undercover” spots and tiny pimples that never used to be there. Not only that, but these are persistent breakouts which makes me feel like they’re caused by a change in hormones within my body, and my body trying to adjust to those changes.

Whether you’re here for the same reasons as me, or if you’re looking for a way to keep your hormonal period breakouts under wraps, here are my must have products for calming down spots and keeping your skin happy.


 (10% off link)

Where has this been my whole life?! Firstly, this beaut of a product smells like floral baby powder and not in strong off-putting way either. If you like powdery fragrances, then you’ll love the very light scent this one has. It doesn’t linger on the skin or become overpowering when you put it on your face, but it’s a nice touch. 

I love love love the fact that this is a no-shits-given cleanser which doesn’t have a colour, or a foam, or anything “extra”. It does what it says on the tin and cleanses the skin without stripping it of oils (doesn’t give that “squeaky” feeling) and leaves ya feeling baby soft! I pop this on with my hands or my Magntione brush in the shower, and either works just as well. 


Okay so I’m late with this one but it’s fucking good. Honestly, I put off buying this when it first came out as it was so heavily pushed on YouTube for the whole “multimasking” thing and I just didn’t buy into it. 

I bought this one on a whim, and I really, really, really like it. Even though I have oily blemish prone skin, I am also very sensitive. Example – Glam Glow masks give me red, itchy skin if I leave them on for 30 seconds. This one doesn’t really smell of anything, has a wonderful thick, creamy consistency and does dry very quickly so you don’t need to leave the mask on for like 20 minutes. Fab for getting those “undercover” spots to a head quickly.


I personally cannot stand the scent of tea tree, but I can totally get on board with this product. I initially bought this for my boyfriend as he didn’t have a skincare routine and wanted products that were powerful, yet natural (and affordable) so I went to TBS and bought him the entire Tea Tree line that he now uses religiously.

I was complaining about my skin and he was like “omg you need to put this on your face” and I popped on this 3-in-one product as a mask for 4/5 minutes, added a little water, and scrubbed it away. Oh boy, this stuff does wonders for extracting dirt out of your skin and my face feels really well cleansed afterwards. If you have dry skin I’d suggest leaving this on for less time, and perhaps doing less of the “scrubby motion” on your face. I use this one a week for a deep cleanse and it ticks all the boxes for me.


This isn’t completely essential to your skincare routine, but it’s a fab edition for when your skin is going through a really stubborn spotty phase. Used to promote skin clarity by exfoliation, this acid treatment is to be applied in the AM and the PM – but you only need a small dot of product on each application. 

I only apply this to the areas of my face which experience breakouts (like my skin and jaw currently) and I only apply a very small dot, and then rub it in duhhh, to each area. Warning – You do need to wear sunscreen with this product if you’re exposed to harsh sunlight, but it’s just a good habit to get into wearing SPF everyday anyway.


This rose water infused 3-in-1 moisturiser is a new addition to my skincare routine but I couldn’t help but fall head over heels for this formula. I’ve been looking for a new moisturiser since my breakouts started, due to the fact that all of my face moisturisers are mattifying and this can aggravate my spots a little. 

The Garnier rose balm is what is says on the tin: a thick balm-formula with rose extracts (and smells amazing) I haven’t tried it as a night cream or a mask as I don’t have dry skin and I wouldn’t need that much intense hydration… but as a day cream this is just what I was looking for to soothe my skin. PLUS it makes for a fab tacky primer to go underneath foundation, winner winner chicken dinner.

What are your go-to products for monthly breakouts, or just spots/acne in general?

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