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Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Review

So luckily for me, this month not only did I have an amazing visit from my family – but my Mama treated me to an Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette!

Strangely enough my Mama, who doesn’t wear any make-up – ever – suggested the brand Urban Decay, and I was in a state of shock for quite a while. It just shows how well known the brand, and its products, are.

I opted for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette – based on the fact that it is the “taupe based” palette of the Naked series, and contains a lot of gold, bronze, and metallic shades that compliment my yellow-based skin tone really well. I know that the original Naked palette contains pretty much all-bronze based colours, however it still has that awful cardboard packaging covered in brown velvet, and well, it just makes me cringe and shudder really.


When we got back to the hotel room where my family were staying, I eagerly got the palette out to have a look. I instantly noticed that the pan that contained the shade YDK was only half full! I ran back over to the shop, and the lady at the counter explained that because of the YDK formula it tends to not press into the pan moulds as efficiently as the other shades. Yet, she still opened another palette and asked if I wanted to swap it over. Which I did because I will definitely be using YDK, a deep bronze, a lot.

Surprisingly, I didn’t know that that the Naked palettes come with a trial of all four of the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potions, and each one lasts 7 applications!


The outer packaging is just stunning, it consists of a muted gold plastic casing and a very generously-sized mirror inside. Usually I discard the brushes that come with palettes as they can be very low quality and spoil the effect of the eye-shadow application. However, the dual-ended brush that comes with this set is really good, like really good. I could easily bring this palette to a friends to get ready and be overly happy to just use this brush to apply my eye-shadow. One end is a large fluffy blending brush, and the other is a tapered, more precise application brush.



The palette contains 12 shades in total:

(most likely to wear *** – least likely to wear *)


Foxy (creamy white ) ***
Tease (creamy pale brown) *
Blackout (blackest black) **


Half Baked (golden-bronze) ***
Booty Call (champagne) *
Chopper (copper) ***
Snake Bite (dark metallic bronze) **
Suspect (golden beige) **
Pistol (grey taupe) *
Verve (oyster grey) *
YDK (cool metallic bronze) **
Busted (deep brown/purple)  ***



So I’ve tried out a few make up looks with a variety of combinations of shades – and they’re all super pigmented and super blendable, even the black shade! The great thing about this palette is that because the majority of the shades are based on taupe-shimmer, they blend together seamlessly and can create different and unique shades when combined. Used with the matte shades, that create highlight, contour, and depth, the possibilities are endless.


I am a complete Urban Decay Naked 2 convert and I hope to purchase more of their products soon. The only worry I have is the Naked 3 (pink based shades) and Naked Smoky (ashy silver based shades) palettes don’t look like they’ll work wonders for my very dark brown eyes. Please bring out the orginal Naked palette in new packaging, UD – cry.


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