The 5 Product Face

I know, guys – I haven’t posted much beauty recently & for that I am very sorry. I’ve been so busy with other aspects of my blog, that my beauty posts have been a bit neglected! I’m definitely going to make the effort to go back to my old blogging ways and make time for beauty posts like this, that are ohhh-so fun to write for you all!

I decided to go for the 5 Product Face, as recently I just haven’t had enough time to create full make up looks due to uni, and generally just being late all the time oops… Here are my 5 must have products for an effortless, healthy skin look!  


1. Moisturiser/Primer – Liz Earle

I was given this moisturiser as part of a Liz Earle gift at Christmas, and I didn’t quite realise how magical it is. The moisturiser is perfect for my oily skin, and leaves me with a well balanced base for my foundations. Not only this, but it’s not at all greasy – it’s tacky. It leaves a very faint tacky/sticky feel on the skin which grips onto your foundation, concealer, etc, and makes it last all day.

2. Foundation – Laura Mercier Oil Free Silk Creme

I haven’t used this foundation in a while, as recently I’ve been giving myself more time to do my makeup in the mornings. However, when I hit snooze a few times too many, this is definitely my go to. Because it’s oil-free, it’s perfect for gals who get a little shiny throughout the day. And for me, doesn’t even need setting. So you can powder/not powder as you please. As an added extra, the coverage is great and it’s so buildable – be gone, bags!

3. Blush/Highlight – Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

This is 100% my favourite blush, ever. Big claim, but it’s true. The pearlescent finish to this baked blush creates a really natural luminous glow, whilst the peach makes me look naturally healthy. I love to apply this on my cheekbones, not the apples of my cheeks, to add a little definition and highlight.

4. Eyeshadow – Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24hr eyeshadow in On and On Bronze

I love love love this product for creating a one step glowing, smoky look that effortlessly gives the impression that you’ve made en effort, when really you’ve applied it in the most messy way possible, and given it a quick smudge with your finger. This eyeshadow really does last all day, with no flaking or creasing – oh, and it suits all eye colors and skin tones – voilà!

5. Mascara –  Max Factor False Lash Effect in Black

I have gone on about this product in quite a few posts now, but it has become my lash staple. My teeny tiny lashes are transformed into long, luscious lashes in one 2 coats. Plus the formula and wand are perfect for no clumps, and spidery lashes are made a myth.



When I’m feeling super lazy (which FYI is 6/7 days of the week) – I don’t fill in my brows. I know right, whaaaat – Holly, you are mental. I have a lot of dark eyebrow hair, so I really can get away with not using a brow product. Sometimes it’s nice to go au naturel and not have to worry about smudging brows across your face by accident.


It’s the big liner vs. eyeshadow debate – and mostly, I use both. I don’t wear liner without shadow, but I do use shadow on it’s own. So naturally, shadow won.


I do love wearing lipstick, but ain’t nobody got time for that on a normal day. If anything, I’ll put on some vaseline and pop it in my bag for later.


Gals, I’m going to be honest. There’s not  day that goes by that I don’t find time to contour, and I do think it’s a bit sad – but it’s how my life is now. If I go out without contour on and catch my reflection, the first thing I notice is my big chubby cheeks. This works for some people, but for me it’s a massive NO. For the general population, this is definitely a step you can skip out on and still have perfect makeup.

What would be in your 5 product face? 

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