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Approaching brands can be pretty scary, huh? There are so many bloggers out there, so how do you stand out from the crowd and get collaborations with a variety of super-cool brands that you’ve been dying to work with, right?

During my first few months of blogging, I made the mistake of just waiting for brands to find me and think “hey, she’s got a great blog so we’ll pop over an email”. Of course this does happen occasionally, and it’s a great surprise when it does – I always feel so flattered when a brand goes out of it’s way to contact me.

In actual fact, most brands are understandably swamped with the sudden influx of bloggers that have taken to the internet, all looking to expand their blogs, and in turn get collaborations with brands to help them do so. So you can imagine how hard it is to find your blog amongst all the others on the wild, wild web. 

So I thought that I’d put together a few hints and tips for those of you who want to put yourself out there and contact some brands. Just a tiny warning – this is not in any way a definite way of getting collabs, and it is most certainly not a “cheat sheet”. Expect to only hear back from maximum 1/2 brands for every 20 that you email, for real. Not every brand will think that your blog is a great fit for them, and some brands do take DA and Blog Stats very seriously when considering a collab – so it’s just something to think about. 


So you’re having a lazy Sunday, and of course this is the perfect time to catch up on the latest from all your favourite blogs. Oh look, they’ve collab’d with a brand – note it down! I don’t necessarily mean every single collaboration that you see, but ones that are a very good fit for your blog only! This a great way of seeing which brands are currently open to blogger collaborations, as some only do this periodically.


Once you have your eye on a few potential brand collabs – do your research, gal. Get on the world wide web, and browse to your hearts content. Get a good feel for the brand, their new products, maybe even up and coming collections. Again, note this all down.


Many brands now have a “PR/Blogger Contact” on their websites so have a good gander and see if your chosen brands have this option. If they don’t, don’t be shy! Give them a tweet and let them know that you’re interested and would like a PR email address to contact. If they don’t reply, it could be for many reasons. Such as not working with bloggers in general, or not accepting applications for collabs. Maybe you’re just not what they’re looking for – but don’t take it to heart.


This is the fun part, it may be slightly scary at first – but it’s a really good idea to learn how to showcase your blog and your skills as a blogger, so stay with me, ok? I like to do it this way, but it’s definitely something for you to experiment with and find the best layout for you!

I like to begin with a little intro about who I am, and why I want to work with the brand – this is important, it may be the thing that decides whether the brand will continue reading your pitch! It is also a good idea to add what sort of collaboration you’re looking for, ie a review, or tutorial etc. I would say, personally, that is is just not a great idea to go out looking for Paid/Sponsored posts.

Then I add a brief bio of my blog, and then include all my important stats, these include Monthly Views, Daily Views, Unique Visitors, and all your social media following numbers!

Then, it can be a great advantage to add links to relevant blog posts that you’ve done in that category. IE a nail polish post, for a nail polish brand – for example. This is a great idea for smaller blogs that are still working on building their followings – show them what you can do!

Finally, add a little “thank you for reading” message, and voilà – hit send.


This is by far the most difficult part, for me anyway. Sometimes it’s almost like watching a kettle boil – and it just doesn’t happen. Like I said earlier, many brands might not even reply with a “no thank you” email – but don’t take it to heart! If you don’t hear anything back within two weeks, perhaps try with another few brands – again, always try to keep it relevant to your blog!

That’s all folks!

This is what I have done to get some amazing opportunities with brands over the past few months.

Sometimes it works, and others it doesn’t – but if you don’t try, you don’t get.

So go get’um, guys!

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