Starting 2018 By Wishing My Goals Into Existence

We’ve all heard about the potential power of positive thinking, but I bet that some of you are just as apprehensive as I am when it comes to putting out those positive thoughts into the universe in the first place. My logical mind tells me it’s just wishful thinking, and that my choices and actions alone will allow me to unlock my potential. However, part of me really does believe in the strange act of putting your goals and choices out there, and therefore somewhat wishing them into reality.

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So, “what’s the point, Hol?” – I hear ya. The point is to take your internalised dreams and make them somewhat real, simply by saying them out loud. If, like me, you’re more on the reserved side – Writing them down does the trick aswell! By simply reinforcing the idea of these dreams or goals, you’re much more likely to make them happen.

The difficult part is narrowing down the goals that you really want and need to happen for you to find happiness. I find that when I’m asked what my “goals” are for my blog, my life, etc I’ll scramble together to think of a generic, generalised answer that ~ most ~ people would understand or relate to. But what are my real goals? What do I want to wish into existence during the year 2018?


Out of all the ideas I could possibly dream up for my immediate future, a lot of them do surround my blog. If ya didn’t know already, I blog full time and it’s my only source of income… so it’s pretty darn important to me that my business is constantly growing and creates a successful turnover each month. It would make sense for many of my goals to surround my business, right? I’m a proper workaholic gal, and I can’t help but set myself 101 aims and goals every week… let alone every year.

Oh and despite what some would assume, I do have other goals surrounding my life, finances, travel, all the other normal stuff that people dream about. I want to be financially stable, have a happy relationship, and find happiness in every day. I’m a big advocate for having balance in life, and just focusing on one aspect of your life can negatively affect other areas of your life without you realising it. I definitely need to be aware of this specifically as I’m such a workaholic *oops*.

So here it is, a handful of things I will wish into existence in the next year or so, fuelled by the power of positivity:

– I will travel with a brand as a blogger opportunity this summer

– I will work with a brand on a national advertising campaign

– I will increase my blog DA beyond 25 this year

– I will attend more blogging events and make more industry connections

– I will exceed 30,000 followers on Instagram & 20,000 followers on Twitter

– I will take the time to take a step back and enjoy my successes

– I will have a happy and successful long term relationship

– I will spend more quality time with my family

– I will travel to at least 6 different countries in 2018

Naturally, I have a 101 other goals and future plans, but these are the main ones that I want to spend my energy on this year – 2018, bring it on!



What are your goals for 2018 and will you be wishing them into existence?


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