Beauty Haul – October 2015

So a few things have occurred in the last month apart from this beauty haul:

– My skin has had a complete meltdown in the cold weather,

– My attempt to be uber-healthy hasn’t exactly worked out,

– Had/having a breakdown due to being a third year Engineering Student,

…And I bought these lovely little things to make myself feel better about it all.
Thank god for retail therapy, eh? Here’s my October Beauty Haul.


LUSH “Rosy Cheeks” Fresh Face Mask (£6.75/75g)



Usually I save up empty LUSH pots to get a free face mask, however the sudden onset of cold weather has played havoc with my skin. So I invested in this mask to (hopefully) take care of my skin for the first month of cold weather this year. The mask may cost £6.75, and is is supposed to last 4 uses (one a week) yet I find that the LUSH mask formulas stretch way further than that. It all depends on the amount you like to apply really.

The mask contains a blend of kaolin (soft clay), calamine and Turkish rose oil to restore balance to your skin, which is exactly what I was looking for. Firstly the mask is smooth in consistency, and it is an opaque pale pink colour. The smoothness is down to the cleansing kaolin clay that zaps away at oily skin and impurities. Therefore this isn’t like the other LUSH masks I have used in the past, that turn into scrubs when washed away. It does wash off pretty easily, and it left my skin feeling tightened and toned, which is a plus!

I decided to try it out with my boyfriend as part of a couples pamper night, and sadly it didn’t agree with his very sensitive skin and he complained about it “stinging” his skin a bit. So maybe skip this one out if you suffer from terribly sensitive skin.



LUSH Angels On Bare Skin (£6.95/100g)

Because my skin suffers from alternating extreme dryness and then extreme oiliness, it’s really difficult to have a skincare routine that suits my skin 100% of the time. Therefore, I have a drier skin routine, and an oily skin routine.

I purchased this little cleanser to use when my skin is feeling sensitive and dry. It contains lavender oil and rose absolute which are known to have properties that calm the skin down, and soothe it. In addition it contains a type of clay, kaolin, to absorb excess oils (on my t-zone). Its not too “scrubby” and my skin feels genuinely nourished after use. It also smells great, a mix of floral fragrances – yet also smells like you could probably eat it ???

As pricing goes, I’m pretty sure that this used to cost a lot more than it does now. Don’t quote that as truth, but I have a hunch that I tried to buy this last year and almost had a heart attack at the price of the stuff. At least it’s more affordable now, and you do get a generous amount for the price.

Take a 20p sized amount, mix with warm water to form a paste, and voilà!



No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser (£9.95/200ml)


If you shop at Boots often, you’ll know that they go through periods of handing out “£5.00 off skincare // £3.00 off makeup” on the Boots No7 range. Usually I don’t use them because I don’t find many of the No7 range appealing, however this one I have heard a lot about as it is a dupe for the Liz Earle or REN products which are pricer equivalents.

The product comes in a clear cylindrical tube with a muslin cloth included to do the cloth cleanse. Smooth a few pumps of the formula onto dry skin, then massage in. The magic muslin cloth then comes in handy, it open up pores to allow the cleanser to really get to work on any impurities, such as make up, which may be lingering in your skin. I like to use this after a night out, where I’m guaranteed to have worn quite a lot of make up.

Overall, it leaves skin feeling fully cleansed whilst providing a much needed moisture boost that leaves skin glowing.



Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99/each)

blenderI don’t know what I did without this sponge, because like the name suggests it is a miracle for your complexion. It helps any foundation blend onto the skin flawlessly, the pointed side for hard to reach crevices (like the nose area), and the flat base can be used in a “dabbing” motion to create an airbrushed skin effect.

Unlike the iconic Beauty Blender, you can actually use this blending sponge dry or wet. I’ve tended to use dry when applying light watery foundation (e.g. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation), especially when I’m only doing my make up for uni and I can’t be bothered to soak the sponge. I use it wet when applying thicker, fuller coverage foundations (e.g.Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation) – for example when I’m prepping for a night out. I also use this to blend my liquid contour/highlight, and to apply powder under my eyes to prevent creasing.

Its also worth noting that I bought Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation at the beginning of Summer 2015, and tried applying it with my fingers and the Real Techniques Bold Metals Foundation Brush – to be honest, I really couldn’t see why the product was so sought after. I was always left with dry patches, and uneven application. After using it with this blending sponge, the application and finish of the foundation has completely changed and I don’t go out on a night out without it on my face.

Basically, it’s 100% worth £5.99 and you can also get smaller ones specifically for contouring etc, which I probably will invest in in the near future – because it’s just that good.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner In Intense Black (£14.50/0.4g)



For about 3/4 years now, I have been buying the exact same eye liner religiously – L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim Intense (£6.99). Purely because it is relatively cheap, usually included in make-up offers, and I had experience with it. Only in the recent few months did I look back on it and think, wow this really isn’t a great product. The application was uneven, the product seemed to dry up quickly, and it did not provide a precise line.

If you didn’t know, this Stila Eye Liner has a massive online cult following, where people have literally gone a bit nuts over this and swear that it’s the best eye liner out there. So obviously, I had to buy into this product to see what all the hype was about.

The quality of the liquid ink is, as it says on the packaging, intense black – and is very opaque. The application is completely even, and you don’t need to apply much pressure at all – hello super defined cat eye! The lid/packaging also works based on a spring mechanism so the lid stays on tight and hence prevents the product drying out inside the case.

All in all, this product is the best thing since sliced bread.
No over-exaggeration here, as I will not be buying any other liquid liner for a long time.

Anastasia Beverly Hills 12 Large Synthetic Duo Brow Brush (£14.00/each)


There’s not much to say about this one except that if you have the ABH Dip Brow Pomade – then you need to buy this with it! I went without the brush for over 6 months, and I really don’t know why. Its only £14.00 and is of such a great quality. Not only to you get a spoolie (the weird little eyebrow brush thingy), but you get a super precise, slanted brush for even application of the pomade. My eyebrows are so much neater since I bought this gem.




FUDGE Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo (£9.95/300ml)


So I bought this after a friend suggested it when I was complaining about how crappy the Touch of Silver toning shampoo was. Turns out, they were 100% right and this violet toning product is much, much better than the Touch of Silver version. I used to use almost half a palm sized amount during one wash, however with the FUDGE shampoo, I can use half the amount on my long hair, with better results.

It is a little bit pricer, but the tube is huge. When I got this in the post, I was genuinely surprised by the size of the product. And the fact that is has a nostalgic, citrusy smell is an added bonus as the Touch of Silver did not smell great.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this product and I will definitely be integrating it into my haircare routine!


Yankee Candle – Vanilla Lime (£10.99/each)


I’m a bit of a sucker for candles/wax melts and I tend to go for, sweet & citrus based scents – so this ticked my boxes as it had balance between them both.

Unfortunately, I should have done a bit of online research before embarking on my little Yankee Candle adventure, because I bought a fragrance with a poor “throw”.

Yes, that’s an actual term, used by actual “candle blogger/vloggers”…
The internet is a weird place, folks.

There are people online that spend there time and money categorizing different candle scent strengths by the term “throw” – ergo if you have a candle’s scent that doesn’t diffuse very far, then it has a poor throw.
Sadly, this particular fragrance is one of those, and the smell didn’t travel much further than the candle itself.

After doing some research, I’ll probably stick to buying wax melts because they last a lot longer and small, tea-light candles are dead cheap to repurchase.

So there we go, the relatively interesting things that I bought this month. Stay tuned for some new reviews and perhaps even a tutorial or two featuring the products mentioned in my September/October Beauty Haul.  


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