My New Year Health Overhaul

One of the promises that I made myself during the turn of the year was to start looking after myself physically. Yes, I always moisturise, I put lush oils in my hair, smother on face serum before bed… but what about physically? You’ll rarely see me do yoga anymore (even though I used to really enjoy it), my health anxiety stopped me from going running on my own, and I haven’t had a live gym membership for a year. Not to mention that I’m currently riding the “coffee and biscuits is a real breakfast” wave.


Before Christmas I underwent a complete diet change and ate a mostly ketogenic/paleo diet which caused me to (accidentally) lose a stone in about a month. I was eating around 1400 calories a day ~ I’m only 5ft 1 so it’s not a dramatic deficit for me personally ~ and strictly went no sugar, low carb for a month.

I felt so much better without all the sugar in my diet, but I really did miss the carb. This is probably because I’m also gluten intolerant, so even when I have carbs they’re not usually the real gluten-filled goodness that I crave. Turns out that it just takes motivation and self awareness to get through the carb/sugar cravings which last about a week, then it’s full steam ahead from there!

I’m really looking forward to getting back on a paleo diet (after my birthday, of course) in order to get my diet and health back on track.


One thing that I really need to work on is my mental health. Ever since I left uni and lost the ability to see a counsellor whenever I needed, my mental health has been a right roller coaster. Time to help myself! There are plenty of apps and mental exercises that can give you a moment of mindfulness but I’ve always forgot to use them or just haven’t made time for it. 2018 will be the year that I get my mental health back on track by finding a small moment of mindfulness everyday and remember that my mental health is part of my overall health indeed.


My boyfriend has suggested this time and time again, but I still haven’t tried it yet due to having a bit of gym-anxiety. I absolutely hate the fact that the weights in many gyms are located at one isolated end of the gym where most bulky lads hang out… and I feel like I look totally out of place. This causes havoc with my anxiety, and that’s why I just haven’t bothered with the weights section of the gym.

Alix & I have made an agreement that we’re both going to join a gym when we get back from Stockholm and couples train *cringe* so he can teach me to strengthen my back and shoulders. If you didn’t know, I have a joint disability called Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome which causes muscle and joint pain on the daily. Shitty, I know. Anyway, Alix is 110% sure that the pain will ease if I build up my back and core muscle strength so we’re going to give it a go!


I’ve had an absolute mare with my eye health over the whole of December, and it was a right pain in the bum. Definitely a sort of, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, situation when suddenly you wake up with burning, itching eyes everyday.

One thing that I realised way, way too late was that my eyes were seriously dry which was causing the irritation. I thought it was a more serious problem as it was so persistent, but turns out that the cold weather and contact lenses aren’t the best duo for your eyes.

I wear contact lenses pretty much everyday, which wasn’t doing my dry eyes any good! I’ve switched it up by wearing my glasses whenever I’m in the house (and not doing bloggy stuff) which allows my eyes to recuperate in peace. 

Oh, and I’ve also found that investing in really good eye drops will do ya eyes wonders in this cold weather. I’ve got the daily use ones for using with contact lenses, so I can relubricate my eyes on-the-go if needed, and I’ve also got some intensive moisture gel formula drops for use over night and with glasses to really supply allllll the moisture my eyes need. Have a peek at the Vision Directs guide to eye drops to find out which which eye drops you should use, and how to put them in properly!



What are your 2018 health resolutions for a healthier & happier life?


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  1. Alicia S
    January 8, 2018 / 1:05 PM

    I have really bad hyper mobility in my spine! However I've found since strengthen my core and back especially it's reduced the daily pain and another thing I've found is that only wearing a bra when absolutely required, since then boobs must support themselves opposed to some material bands and wire holding them up. I hate going to the gym as well, I always worry that everyone is going to be staring at me so I typically try to work out in my too-small room but I suppose it's better than nothing.Alicia xAesthetic Obsessed

  2. Ren Breaux
    January 8, 2018 / 2:00 PM

    Don't feel awkward about couples training! For the first few months of my fitness journey, I would only go to the gym with my boyfriend! I also ignore those meathead guys who hang around the weight section, if I'm trying to better myself that can only be applauded? It's not as if they were born with all the knowledge/gains anyways. Ren

  3. Chichi
    January 15, 2018 / 11:30 AM

    I want to become physically fit in 2018. I've never been a gym bunny, but I'd love to take up Zumba and Yoga.As for my eyes, I'm due an eye test later this year so that will be a priority.Kind regards,

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