My Minimalist Style With Thomas Sabo


If you didn’t know already – I’m a huge minimalist jewellery advocate. The thing that I’m particularly fond  of, is that you can mix up many pieces and still look like you haven’t even tried. There really is this effortless “oh these earrings? I just popped in whatever was on my vanity” look about them, when actually you’ve spent a while picking them out for that exact reason. To be able to pick up your fave, basic earrings and know they’ll mesh well with any outfit you decide to wear that day.

I’ve created a unique-to-me simplistic jewellery ensemble with the help of Thomas Sabo, and safe to say, all of the pieces work so well together and add a very “Holly” flair on the daily. Even though much of Thomas Sabo’s collection is in beautiful sterling silver, I’ve has a real attraction to the warmth and comfort of minimalist gold pieces of late. Naturally, I had to stay true to my unique taste and decided to style up a v. simplistic, but none-the-less a statement, look from Thomas Sabo.


Fun fact – I didn’t wear earrings for years and only starting wearing them again out of fear that the holes would close. Yep, for most of my teenage years I just didn’t bother with earrings. I got my ears pierced at 13 y/o (I was a late bloomer as my mum was sceptical about the whole process) and I was only allowed to wear a pair of basic gold studs to school. Back then, this was like the worst thing ever. Girls would be wearings bling, bling, bling in the late noughties and it wasn’t cool, hip, or trendy to sport a pair of simple studs. Oh how the tides have turned, eh?

Anyway, as soon as I got into college and started wearing all different types of earrings, they suddenly weren’t an “everyday” thing anymore. I only wore earrings to parties or nights out, and they were decently cheap-looking, and more garish I would ever consider wearing now. Oh, and when I got to uni I completely stopped wearing jewellery all together. I have no idea as to why, but I guess I didn’t see the point or didn’t have time for it which is a massive regret for me.

Nowadays, I take every opportunity to accessorise myself with a beautiful pair of dainty gold hoop earrings whenever possible – and these Thomas Sabo Hoop Earrings* are fast becoming my favourite to grab on the way out of the door. They’re the perfect size hoop to rock an understated look, yet the small white zirconia crystal gives a little bit of oomph that really makes people notice the earrings, tucked in gently behind your hair. 


If you aren’t on the pendant necklace hype then where have you been gal?! The pendant necklace is making a massive comeback and I for one am it’s biggest cheerleader. There’s nothing that quite pulls together a plunging neckline, a roll neck, or even the collar of a chunky knit like a pendant necklace.

The Thomas Sabo Disk Necklace* can be personalised with initials, emojis, and even star signs (which I chose) to add a little something extra… something special to the piece, just for you. I decided upon my star sign, Capricorn, as there was no cat option (the obvious choice for a kitty) but I’m glad I did, the piece looks so classic! 


When it comes to rings, I’m a fan of the classic gold band. Even though I’ve only just declared my love for gold jewellery in the past year or so, I’ve always making statements with rings. Many of my other gold rings have small details like mini pearls, jewels, or some form of unique factor to them – so I obvz had to keep to that pattern right?

The Thomas Sabo “Cord Look” Ring* has a very unique “twisted” look to it which makes it a really different ring among my collection. It would also be fab to layer with on days when I want to make a bit more of a statement, as it’s looks like a v. good option for that ring stacking look.

Do you enjoy to accessorise with simple jewellery like me?

How do you express your unique style through jewellery?


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*This is a collaborative post with Thomas Sabo, however the views and opinions in this post are my own*


  1. Kate Mitchell
    January 20, 2018 / 12:37 PM

    I love dainty simple pieces and the ones you have chosen are gorgeous

  2. Erin Azmir
    January 20, 2018 / 2:36 PM

    Beautiful pieces! xxErin Azmir

  3. Fowzia Madar
    January 20, 2018 / 6:08 PM

    The necklace is so beautiful,Fowzia|Crazy4tiesxoxo

  4. Katie Leask - La Coco Noire
    January 21, 2018 / 9:31 AM

    i've always been a huge fan of thomas sabo and i love the pieces you've got here! especially the earrings *heart eye emoji*katie. xx

  5. Bailey Leah
    January 21, 2018 / 2:13 PM

    I think I’ve fallen in love with everything here 😍😍

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