Make Up Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Review

After seeing the Make Up Revolution Ultra Blush Palette over and over again on various blogs and Instagram accounts, I had to have it. All the posts that I read really did big this palette up, and I needed to see whether a £6.00 product could really be that iconic.

Make Up Revolution have released 5 different Ultra Blush palettes, each with their own different theme. I decided to get “Golden Sugar” purely because I really loved the marbled shimmer effect of all of the shades.


The Make Up Revolution Ultra Blush Palette packaging is decent, black plastic casing with gold lettering. The cardboard outside packaging was very tight on the product however, and I literally cut my finger trying to open it. In the end I got some scissors and cut it out, it seemed a bit excessive to get a palette out and I only have small fingers. All in all, the plain packaging is pretty stunning for a £6.00 product. It looks classic, chic, and understated.

It was only after opening the palette did I realise that there was some slight damage to the plastic where all the blushes sit. It’s sort of like permanently water marked? (Like when you wipe a mirror with a wet wipe…) I tried to wipe it off but it’s definitely permanently stained.

A nice surprise however, was the absolutely huge mirror in the inside of the palette lid, that is pretty much the entire size of the palette. This a huge +++ for me as finding good lighting in my apartment can be a real pain as we have spotlights. Using this huge mirror, you can move around to find the best lighting and not have to compromise too much on mirror size.


So weirdly enough, this palette does not feature individual names for each of the blush shades. To take account of this I’ve numbered them to make explanation a bit easier!


I would say that these colours are more highlight shades, than they are blushes. So that’s now I have decided to use them. The colour pay of is really quite impressive, I was actually shocked.

1 is basically completely white, with a small amount of gold marbled through it. The amount of shimmer is really intense, which means you need to just tap your brush into it for quite a bit of shimmer. I feel like this shade does contain some glitter, not just shimmer, so it for those brave highlighters or strobers out there.

2 is nudish shimmer shade, which means that the highlight is a lot more subtle and blendable. I would say this is an ideal highlight for days when you want that effortless no-make-up look. Again, the colour pay off it great and it this shade gives just the right amount of iridescent glow


I’ve decided to address these shades as a pair, simply because they are the only blush shades in this blush palette. 3 has more shimmer than 5, and is a more noticeably brighter colour. However, 5 is very similar to 2, in a sense that it does give skin a very natural glow. It’s obviously pinker in tone therefore its perfect for those who like their highlight in a pinkier tone, or generally love a shimmery blush.


I’ve put these shades together as they are not blushes at all, they’re bronzers!

When I first tried 4 on my face, I had to literally remove my make up and take it off. It’s as highly pigmented as 1, even more so. It didn’t make me glow, it made me sparkle. And that’s something that I really don’t like. Due to the fact that it really is a stunning nude taupe colour, out of curiosity I grabbed a eyeshadow brush and put it all over my lids and BOOM wow, I was literally blown away. Again it only took a few dabs of my brush to get full colour intensity.

After my experience with 4, 5 went straight on my lids. Again, it was a great idea. It made a great eyeshadow, but the colour was realy not my cup of tea. This one is a very orange based copper and it really just brought out the yellow undertones in my skin (not good at all). I have a feeling that it would make blue eyes pop.

Below is a look that I made with 4 on my centre lids and brow highlight, 1 as my inner eye highlight, and finished off with Urban Decay shadow to deepen the outer corner.


These shades in my opinion are a bit useless. 8 is clearly a contouring shade, however when I try to swatch it, it just doesn’t show up. On the other had, it could be intended to be used as another subtle highlight, really suble just got out of hand because it just isn’t at all visible. 7 is something that really just confuses me, it is basically just a fine gold shimmer. However, it is way to yellow to use as a highlight, too light to use as a bronzer, and too fine to use as an eyeshadow.


6/8 of these shades are completely usable, all are very pigmented and shimmery. The colour pay of is just so good for £6.00, but you do have to put up with a bit of a weird talcy smell as the powders are not scented at all.


This is definitely not a “Ultra Blush” palette.
It is however an “Ultra Highlighter/Blush/Bronzer/Eyeshadow” multi-palette.

In my opinion, it was 100% worth every pound I spent on it, even though two of the shades were duds. I don’t think you can ask for much from such a cheap drug store product but I was pleasantly surprised at the versatility of the shades, that along with the formula, makes it a worthy buy in my opinion.



    • Holly Ah-Thion
      November 28, 2015 / 10:40 PM

      Thank you so much, lovely! x

  1. Charlotte Dickson
    November 15, 2015 / 5:22 PM

    I've heard great things about these blush palettes and I love the look of the shades so I think I need to pick one up soon! I love the baked shimmer effect in this one, and it's cool that it doubles up as an eyeshadow – but I agree, I don't think the name should simply be 'Ulta Blush Palette'. Great review 🙂 xCharlotte's Road // Beauty, Fashion + Lifestyle

    • Holly Ah-Thion
      November 28, 2015 / 10:42 PM

      Thank you for reading! I'm definitely going to be investing in the other two soon to see if they're even better than this one xx

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