Make Up Revolution Radiant Lights Highlighter Palette Review

After experiencing such great things with the Ultra Blush palette (see my review here), I just had to give this a go. I’ve actually been looking for a great powder highlighter, as I’ve only had experience using liquid and balm versions. Before splurging the big dollar on Laura Geller or TheBalm Manizer, I decided that this was definitely a “testing the waters” investment to see if wearing daily powder highlighter would be my thing. The Make Up Revolution Radiant Lights Highlighter Palette is a little bit more pricey than the Ultra Blush, at £8.00 for 3 highlighters. However, you can pay up to £20+ for one high end highlighter, so even if I end up only using one of these it’ll be a bargain.


The packaging is practically identical to the Ultra Blush palette, sleek and classic. The thing that got me a big, was the fact that the font sizes on both palettes differ randomly. I think it would look more professional on their part to have a standard logo text and product text size. Other than that, great packaging and a huge mirror to boot.


The highlighting palette that I purchased actually has shade names! But I only found these by looking on the official Make Up Revolution website (link), there are no shade names on the palette or packaging whatsoever. In order, they are Breathe, Exhale, Glow (they’re also swatched in that order below). The order of these highlighters makes absolutely no sense to me, but maybe I’m missing something. They’re in a medium, light, tan order which slightly gets on my nerves, but hey it was £8.00. Technically I would say that each highlighter would be best suited for different skin tones, and I personally would naturally go for Breathe which is the medium shade. That’s the shade that I bought this palette to use.


The shade to the far left of the palette is Breathe.
It is a very nude based highlighter, and looks very pigmented and shimmery in the pan – it’s basically my skin colour, with some shimmer. Which essentially should be ideal for some glow. Its sad that I was so disappointed when I swatched it, as it comes off as very chalky and well, its just nothing special. There’s little shimmer, or it’s just so fine that you can’t really see much of it. And it’s not very pigmented at all, for the swatch below I needed to apply a few layers.

I used my Bold Metals fluffy powder brush to dust this all over my face for the “Radiance” that this palette promises and literally nothing happened. I was pretty confused and honestly thought I did something wrong, so I went in and did it again, and again, and nothing happened. I took the palette (and it’s amazingly large mirror) around my apartment to try different lighting, and wahey I saw the faintest glimmer on my face. This acted more like a face powder, than a radiance highlighter for me. Maybe it’s because it’s too close to my skin tone, but as it’s supposed to give a glow rather than an obvious highlight, I wouldn’t think that would matter. It’s just not great!


Strangely enough, for Exhale, none of the above is true.
The powder isn’t chalky at all, when I rub it between my ringers it’s just so buttery. How the formula of two different shades can change so much is beyond me. But hey, let’s not complain because something beautiful is happening here. This shade is like Breathe, but 10x better.

I don’t know what possessed Make Up Revolution to put a great light highlighter in there with an okay medium one, but okay. At least it’s in this palette.

It does look a bit pale when swatched but when applied on the forehead, cheekbones, cupids bow… all of the natural highlighting areas, magic happens. It’s gave my skin a perfect glowy-highlight, without being too shimmery, glittery, or over powdering.


For me, this shade is definitely more of a glowy-bronzer not a highlight. But it swatches so well, and is the most pigmented of all of the shades. For you deep skinned beauties, this would make a gorgeous highlight and I am slightly jealous that I can’t use it as one.

For all you fair-medium skinned people out there, this is great to apply over an ashy contour colour. It is quite orange based so don’t go in heavy handed, but a light dusting as a bronzer can give skin that much needed warm glow after contouring.


I am completely convinced that Exhale and Glow have a different formula to Breathe. They are more pigmented, they blend better, pick up better on my brush, and have more luminous shimmer within them. I’m not quite sure of what went wrong with Breathe, but it’s a real shame. If it contained more shimmer particles, it would make a decent highlighting shade.


This palette for me has become a “Highlighter and Bronzer” duo of Exhale and Glow.
I basically just ignore that Breathe is in the palette entirely.
I will mostly use Exhale for a day-to-day glowy highlight, and Glow for a glam going out bronzing effect (as that’s the only time I really use bronzer).

This was definitely worth the money for me, two of the shades were a success and I will definitely be using them a lot in the future. Because of the useless third shade, this evens out to £4/per highlight and that is definitely affordable. If you’re a bit like me and are a bit new to the whole powder highlight, this is the palette for you!



  1. Contact Poppy
    November 18, 2015 / 11:25 PM

    I really recommend revolution's golden lights! It the best pale powder highlight I know! However I'm v interested in that lovely tan colour now 🙂 Lots of love,

    • Holly Ah-Thion
      November 28, 2015 / 10:45 PM

      It's like a bronzer but not… like a light diffusing glow! Thank you for reading 🙂 x

  2. Laura Gale
    November 19, 2015 / 2:43 PM

    Love the sound of this product! I've been super impressed by every Revolution product I've ever bought. I already have five highlighters on the go though, so perhaps I should restrain myself haha!Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    • Holly Ah-Thion
      November 28, 2015 / 10:46 PM

      Hehe its only £8.00 so you wouldn't feel that guilty, right?Thanks for reading lovely! x

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