Make Up Advice For My Teenage Self

I think that the majority of people can look back on their teenage make up routine and think, “What the f was I doing?”So I thought I’d put together some makeup advice: a few make up hints and tips that I would give to my young, naive self if I could.



Why did I ever think that thin brows looked good?

It was a much simpler time in 2k8, brows were either left alone to grow wildly feral, or over plucked. Let’s not lie here, the girls with the overgrown eyebrows were the target of the school’s over-pluckers, but who’s laughing now – big brows are back!

When I look back at old pictures (up to 2 years ago) my eyebrows were so thin and I didn’t use any product on them at all. I thought that because they were already quite dark, using a brow product would do nothing for me. Boy was I wrong. Now I tell my eyebrow threader at Shavata not to touch the thickness at all and I invested in ABH Dip Brow, hello big brows that even Cara would be proud of.


Bold, statement brows



This foundation was the bane of my 14 year old life. It was the first ever foundation I ever used, and boy did I think I looked good. Truth is, everyone in my school wore this and we all looked equally as bad. Caking this stuff on, and covering it with bronzer was not a good look. I like to think that we all moved on from this to better things, like MAC and Bobbi Brown.

After the terrible experience with this stuff in my early teens, I always splash out good money on a high end foundation. This is due to the fact that the more expensive formula’s never cause reactions or spots on my skin. Also high end brand have counters, here you can get a near to exact match for your skin and you can even get testers of the formulas to try at home.

I would suggest specifically asking for a colour exactly/slightly lighter than your skin tone, as I find that the majority of make up artists will try and match you to a colour that’s just a bit too dark. You’re better off having to bronze a little, than to have to apply lighter powder to a darker shade.



Cringey image of me at 15

Okay okay, so some people still do this, but in my opinion its a bit dated and does nothing for your eyes.

1) A lot of people don’t check whether a liner can be used on the waterline before they use it. Companies make specific formulas as to not irritate your eyes, so if you’re going to do this please do a bit of research first! This is also important if you wear contact lenses. I used to really aggravate my eyes as the liner particles would find their way underneath my lenses.

2) They make all eye shapes seem smaller, no matter how big your eyes are. I made this big mistake back in my teens, as my eyes are already quite small.

TIP – swap lining your waterline with black liner for nude/white liner, this gives a bigger, doe-eyed effect.

3) By using the above tip, and creating a smoky eye you can still get the intense dark look yet your eyes will appear so much brighter and bigger.


I think we can all agree that applying 4/5 coats of something like “Big Eyes Super Extreme Lash XXL Mascara” was an awful idea. Especially since I have very sparse, short Asian lashes, it make me look like I had little stumpy spiders legs on my eyes.

I still use a drug-store mascara because I think it’s better than any high end version that I’ve tried, so you don’t need to go pricey with this kind of product, you just need the right technique.

It takes time to get the hang of multitasking but start at the very bottom of the lashes, shake the brush from side to side, whilst turning it to evenly use the product on the brush throughout your lashes. And there you have it, lengthened, yet defined, lashes.

Do you have any cringey make up throwbacks?



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