Introducing The Magnitone BlendUp Vibra-Sonic Makeup Blending Brush

After watching numerous YouTube videos featuring a plethora of vibrating facial makeup applicators, I knew I needed to try one, stat! Luckily, Magnitone have released everything I was looking for in a makeup brush and more – plus I’m an ambassador so I got to have a play around with the product before it launched a week ago which was fucking awesome.

The Magnitone BlendUp makeup brush retails for £70.00 and promised to “flawlessy blend your makeup like a pro” using their unique state-of-the-art Vibra-Sonic technology to buff cream makeup products into the skin like a dream. The whole Vibra-Sonic tech is really interesting (especially for an engineer like me) as the brush head moves at 250 rotations per second to glide cream products over and into the skin.

Magnitone sent me over the classic, chic Black model but the brush also comes in White too, which looks ultra luxe but may dirty quite easily. The brush head itself is super easy to remove, you simply pull it off with a *click* and you’re good to replace the head or simply give it a wash to remove excess product before your next makeup application.

You can even clean the brush head when it’s still attached to the brush itself, just utilise the cleverly designed Cleaning Mode. Simply hold the power button for 3 seconds to enter cleaning mode, and the brush will clean itself. You don’t need to worry about the build up of bacteria over time due to the Biomaster antibacterial protection, this will also prevent the occurrence of bacteria related break-outs.

The brush head I’ve been using is the O.G. SmoothBLEND, which is purrrfect for blending all sorts of makeup base products from BB creams, to foundations, to cream contour/blush. However, you can change it up with the FeatherBLEND which stipples which is perfect for a flawless foundation base or perhaps the BuffBLEND brush head which creates an “air brushed” effect and I would definitely use this one for cream contour, bronzer, or blush application. Each brush head is £20 a pop, so you could settle for the SmoothBLEND for an gr8 all-rounder.

The Magnitone BlendUP Vibrating Blending Brush is cordless, and rechargeable within 2 hours using a USB port which makes it easy peasy lemon squeezy to have your brush ready to use every morning. Plus, it’s protected by a 1 year warrenty, just simply register your warrenty online to validate it.

Would I recommend it? Absolu-bloody-lutely! I’m so glad that I have this lil guy in my life- it blends like a bloody dream and makes any foundation application go further, with an airbrush finish, without leaving any streaks or lines on my face at all. So far, it’s worked with all of my liquid foundations and my cream contour products – 10/10 Would highly recommend, guys. This would also make a fab Christmas prezzie (IKR, XMAS2017 is coming up fast) for all makeup lovers out there.

Have you ever tried a vibrating makeup brush before?

Do you think it’s a makeup must have?


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*I was gifted some of products in this post, however the opinions and views are my own*

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