Ini Vie Villa: Luxury Seminyak Bali Villa Review

Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali

Bali seems like a lifetime away already, can you believe it’s been 4 months since I returned from my Bali travelling adventure? Time flies, guys. Even though I had 101 plans to get blog posts up asap, I’ve needed a little travelling rest bite and I finally have the time to get down to penning them!

When Alix & I first started planning our bali trip, we made a deal to book the same amount of luxury and basic accommodation to even out the budget. Obvz, when I saw the luxe villa options on the ‘gram, I just had to book one. The flower decorations, the pool floats, the whole “bali” look is living for the gram. And as cringe as that is, I wanted to experience it at least once on the trip.

As our schedule was already filling up at an alarming rate, we looked for any villa in the Ini Vie Villa group that was available for our scheduled nights in trendy Seminyak. The Ini Vie villa was the only one with availability and although it wasn’t my first choice, I wasn’t about to complain about which luxury villa I’d be be staying at. As long as it had *the* pool & jacuzzi set up, I was a happy gal on her way to Bali.

Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak BaliIni Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali



We ended up booking the villa directly rather than with or, which are my usual go-to’s for hotels etc. This was only because the deals if booked directly are much, much better than on generic hotel booking sites. Keep in mind that we did have to pay directly in IDR (check your card provider for foreign transaction fees). I reassure you that the site is legit and they provided a confirmation of payment email.

Example, adding the Ini Vie Villa Romantic Surprises package with heart flower petal design on the jacuzzi will set you back IDR 107,000 (about £6) – Ridiculously cheap and  a very, very tempting add-on.

We ended up booking one night in Ini Vie Villa‘s one bedroom villa with pool and Jacuzzi for IDR 2,250,000, which equates to about £123. This was an “early bird” deal as we booked over a month in advance, but you can get even cheaper if you book earlier than that if you’re super early to book.


Ini Vie Villa is tucked behind the hustle and bustle of the main Seminyak area, but is very easily accessible with a moped or Blue Bird taxi. We were staying in a boutique hotel/hostel in Kuta the evening before so we moved further out to stay in the villa. At first we thought that it may be a problem, but the villa did provide shuttle buses to and from specific areas at certain times. Although we didn’t use the pick up/drop off service it’s a fab option if you’re staying in the villa and want to save money.

Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali


On the day that we were due to check in, I received a WhatsApp call from the villa to inform me that we wouldn’t be able to have the flower pool float and decoration that I had organised a month ago. Confused, at first. The villa staff member let me know that it was something to do with the pool pump and unavoidable. I did ask if the previous villa-stayers had the float and they said yes, but that we now couldn’t. Not gonna lie guys, I was pretty disappointed and really the only reason we went with a more expensive villa like this was to get *that* pool float shot. “Oh well, shit happens” was the general consensus between us both, but our stay was already a bit tainted from the offset.

We arrived slightly early for check in, so we were welcomed to have a seat in the reception area and sip on a fresh coconut. This was definitely what we needed after travelling in the hot midday 30 degree temps! And 10 minutes later and we were shown to our very own luxury villa for the night. Psyched!

Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali

We didn’t realise this when booking but the villa is one of many on site, all connected by a long pathway filled with blooming flowers and lush green foliage. So whichever villa you get, you will be in close proximity to another. That didn’t bother us at all though – As soon as you walk through the gateway to the villa, it’s like entering into your own tranquil oasis.

The villa has slide open doors (which can open straight onto the pool) and I’d advise that you remove shoes before entering out of politeness although it’s not a necessity. The bedroom and living areas are open plan, which works so well when sharing as a couple. The living room area consists of a sofa/seating area, a small yet functional kitchen, and a small seating area for dining. But for me, the bedroom was the star of the show. It has a bloody water feature! Anyone out there that loves falling asleep to the sound of trickling water will *love* this feature. The bed itself was huge, and very comfortable – Plus, the presentation was all there for me. The mix between modern and traditional Balinese design was perfection.

Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali

The bathroom… I wasn’t too crazy about to be honest with you, folks. The toilet has no door, and the bathroom itself only has a set of small saloon doors to separate it from the bedroom area. So if you need to use it, you may need to ask your partner to go and have seat on the sofa on the other side of the villa. Or get really, really close this holiday… The sink and mirror areas were well cleaned and big enough for two trying to frantically get ready when they’ve over slept their alarm *cough*. Ini Vie Villa also provide an extensive set of essentials like tooth brushes, shower caps, etc and you can always request more if you need to.

Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali

Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali


So, when it comes to the jacuzzi… I would say 100% don’t order the flower decoration if you actually want to use it as a jacuzzi and not a photo prop. What people don’t tell you, is that these flower petal baths attract *so* many ants and insects.

When we arrived the entire jacuzzi (with flower decorations on the top) was swarming with ants. They’re attracted to the scent of the flower petals and when I was taking snaps in the bath, I could see ants crawling over the top of the petals. Slightly creeped me out, but “doing it for the gram” mode was 100% on.

Funny story – I wanted to pose in the centre of the heart of the flower decoration, but my bum hit the jacuzzi button and ruined the design. Absolute bummer. Not even sorry for that pun.

Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali

The pool area was just the right size for two people, and was pretty clean and inviting when we arrived. It also comes with a swinging hammock over the top and a hanging chair for some casual lounging. The hammock itself isn’t very practical and I very almost fell into the pool every time I tried to get in and out. However it *does* look really cute in photos. Oh, and you can ask for the lights and pool jets to be turned on by phoning reception which is a lovely touch to the ambience on a late night romantic swim.

Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali

Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali

Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali


WHEN IN BALI, FOLKS! The floating breakfast is a must at least once when you’re in Bali, and since Ini Vie Villa was our little splurge for the trip we decided to book it here.

Note – If you book the villa “including breakfast” you only have to rent the floating basket as extra when you get there. We didn’t know this as it’s not clear on the website and ended up paying for both the breakfast and floating basket as extra, and it was more expensive.

On the day we arrived we booked our floating breakfast for the next morning and were a little confused about the scheduling system. You can’t actually request a specific time to get your breakfast, and is done on a room-by-room schedule. We asked for 8am and we’re told 9.30am is the only time slot available.

Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali

Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali

…. But it was so worth the wait. The breakfast itself was absolutely incredible. You can choose your main breakfast, like traditional Indonesian Mie Goreng or a more Western avo on toast, and you’ll also be served a plentiful fruit salad, pastries, and tea/coffee/juice to accompany your breakfast. The brekkie was brought in really carefully by two members of staff and popped in the pool for us. I really did try to get the casual “walking in the pool with my breakfast” shot but then I remembered that I’m 5ft 2 and can’t even reach the bottom on tip toes.

After shooting a few photos we perched at the stairs of the pool, waist deep in water, thoroughly enjoying the experience. Alix remarked that he thought these floating breakfasts were only good for the photos, but eating brekkie in a pool was actually pretty freakin’ cool.

Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali Ini Vie Villa Luxury Seminyak Bali


If I was to rebook Ini Vie Villa on our next trip to Seminyak, Bali, I would 100% skip on the flower decorations on the jacuzzi. The bath and pool flower decorations you see on IG are good for what they are, photo props. And if you want *that* shot then go on and get it gurl, but it does mean that you can’t really use the jacuzzi after as has rather a lot of ants and insects in there. On the other hand the floating breakfast was out of this world and it’ll always be a fond memory to look back on. Would I get it again? Absolutely.

The Ini Vie Villa itself was a lovely addition to our mixed bag of accommodation in Bali, and it was so lovely to get to spend 24 hours alone with Alix after staying in a busy hotel/hostel situation in Kuta. Interiors? Tick. Pool? Tick. Luxury? Tick. For the price of under £130 a night alone, I would 100% stay here again as a luxury treat.

Are you thinking of booking a luxury villa on your trip to Bali?


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  1. Megan McCoig
    January 24, 2019 / 8:04 AM

    Oh girl you’ve got me so excited for Bali. This place is a dream and it’s now definitely going on my list ‘to book’ because it’s just too irresistible! P.s. your pics are AMAZING!!!

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