My First Experience With Lip Fillers – Viva Skin Clinics Dermal Fillers With Juvederm

Hola chicas! If you’re here, you know what the deal is. Last week I got my first ever set of lip fillers and I’m here to give you all the juicy deets and hopefully answer questions as best I am whilst debunking some common misconceptions along the way. I’ve based the headings in this post on the questions I got on my IG story poll, so hopefully I’m covering a lot of bases for you guys here. Happy reading!


Looking at my “before” lips, a lot of you probably wont know why I would even want lip fillers. I’ve always been told that I have a great lip shape, they’re a decent size, and when I told people I wanted them filled I’d always be met with a “but they’re lovely now”, “you’re just obsessing over them” or a more concerning “you’ll ruin them” – All of which put my off taking the plunge and actually having them done.

Really, it wasn’t til I started doing this whole influencing thing that I’d even considered it as an option. Now, now, no-one really influenced me in a sense that I ~ needed ~ to get them done or anything like that. Tbh it was more noticing my lips in photos that really got me thinking about it. When I started doing this job, I was taking a lot of high quality professional photos and fuckkkkkk guys you really can’t hide in these photos.

I became more aware of the fact that my top lip was very lop sided and I had to make a facial expression (smiling, pouting, etc) in photos to ensure that it didn’t come up on camera and in photos. It was definitely a case of “once you see it, you can’t un-see it” because I started noticing it all the time and it got me down. Have a peek at my before photos below and let me know if you can see the lop-sided-ness of my top lip….


After umm’ing and ahh’ing (and perhaps a little “fuck I’m almost 25” pre-quarter-life-crisis moment) I finally made up my mind on fillers when Viva Skin Clinic kindly offered to even out my lips and give me that beautiful, natural-looking pout that I’d been craving for years. They have a Youtube channel which you can have a look at here > Viva Skin Clinics Youtube < and you can watch pretty much any procedure being done by Dr Rupert himself so you can know what to expect and how everything works.

I did check out a few of these videos and before/after photos on instagram before booking my appointment, and this did make me feel at ease enough to go in straight away and have them done on the same day as my consultation. You can have a consultation and discuss the treatment before your treatment appointment if this makes you feel more at ease though.

FYI – I booked in my appointment with Dr Rupert Critchley (Qualifications: BM, MRCGP) who has been practicing for 15+ years (you can check out his Harley Street page here) and had my procedure / treatment at the new Kings Road Clinic.


Viva Skin Clinics only use the Juvederm range which are in essence a brand of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and I’ve heard so many great things about the Juvederm range. If you’re going to get something put in your body guys n’ gals, make sure you’re getting a really good quality brand! The exact filler I got is Juvederm Volift, which again, is the brand and type I’ve heard lots of people talk about.


After seeing before/after photos, thinking about what I actually wanted as the end result, and talking to Dr Rupert, I got 0.5ml and that was the purrrrrfect amount for me right now. Because I didn’t necessarily want them much bigger, just a little fuller in the bottom lip and evening out the top lip, I didn’t really need a lot of filler. I’ve been asked about how I got them to look so natural, and I think that somewhat comes down to the amount of filler I got. If you’re looking for more volume and a bigger pout, I would say 1ml would probably suit your needs more, but always talk to your doctor and take their recommendations on board.


Okay so, your lips are numb guys. Dr Rupert sanitised my lips and then applied local anaesthetic numbing cream which worked withing about 5-10 minutes, in which he talked me through the procedure and it was ample time to ask any questions. I was a bit like a deer in headlights and then asked 101 questions after the procedure when I remembered them, so write them down in notes or something if you have definite questions you’d like answered.

After the numbing cream does it’s work, it’s pretty much painless… I’d say top lip is a 2/10 and bottom lip a 4/10 on the pain scale – but do keep in mind that the pain lasts seconds. Dr Rupert said that the majority of patients say the bottom lip is more painful as it’s slightly meatier and the needle travels a little further into the skin. The pain itself can best be described as a sharp scratching pain that lasts a few seconds. Butttttt it’s totally bearable.


Dr Ruper gave me a few pointers when it came to aftercare and bruise-prevention and I followed one rule I found on the web which included:

– No heavy exercise for 48 hours

– No lip makeup (balm, gloss, lipstick) for 24 hours

– No asprin/ibrupofen (blood thinning medication) for 48 hours

One of them was also no alcohol for 24 hours but I did have one vodka and coke at my friend’s birthday drinks and I don’t think this affected my lips. I would not recommend drinking a lot on the night before or after your lip fillers though!

At the drinks some of my friends were asking “Aren’t your lips supposed to really swell and balloon up after the fillers put in?” and some people do experience a lot of swelling dependant on how much filler you have, and if you followed the above steps or not. Dr Rupert said most of the swelling will happen between 24-36 hours, and then will taper off to the end of the first week and you’ll have your pout looking normal.

Here are some photos from the same day that I got the filler, just click on each image to enlarge.






Okay so for the first 48 hours of having them in I really struggle to pout my lips, like it felt like my lips were swollen and “pulling” under the lips so I’d say just keep your lips as relaxed as possible and don’t use straws or anything like that because it could be uncomfortable. After 3 days, my lips feel maybe a tiny bit firmer, but not anything terribly noticeable – They just feel like my lips but slightly bigger.


Every lip-filler-regular I’ve spoken to say small lip lumps are pretty common and regular, it happens. Dr Rupert explained that lip cells are like segments so filler can unpredictably settle in a particular area of the lip causing a lump. So even the best placed filler can take a wrong turn and gather into a lump in ya lip. I’m not the best person to ask about how to get rid of them because I did panic a bit when I got one on the right side of my lip… however I did follow the advice of Dr Rupert & other gals with filler and massage firmly morning and night until the lump was re-distributed along my lip. Worked a treat for me!


I’ve heard of fillers lasting up to 8-10 months on some people, however Dr Rupert let me know that this would probably last 4-6 months on me. A lot of factors come into how long your filler will last, from your body’s rate of breaking down the filler, to how much filler you have in there to break down in the first place. But to answer one question I got a few times, nope, Juvederm/ hyaluronic acid  fillers are not permanent!


Interestingly enough, I only thought about this after having them done the first time. Because, well… if I don’t know what they’re like, how am I supposed to know? Now that I’ve had filler in them for a few days and the swelling is going down, I would certainly consider getting them done again if I see them deflate and prefer how I looked with filler in. Only time will tell!


Viva Skin Clinics kindly gifted me my VIVA Lips 0.5ml treatment, however the pricing is as follows:

Small Volume Plump (0.5ml) – £250

VIVA Volume Boost (1ml) – £350

Lip Contouring – from £250


Have you had lip fillers or would you ever consider getting them done?

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*I was gifted this experience & treatment by Viva Skin Clinics but the opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are my own*

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  1. Chloe Louise
    September 6, 2018 / 12:12 PM

    I really want to get lip fillers but I'm petrified of needles! This was such an informative post, thank you!Chloe X

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