Instagram Guide To Mykonos

Instagrammable Mykonos

Hey folks, hope you’re all having a fab week. Thought I’d throwback to a little trip to the Med last May, since I never did get around to writing up most of it. We started our two weeks in Europe in Amsterdam, then popped over to Rome for a few beautiful days, arrived on Mykonos island for the best part of a week, & then flew on to Vienna. So if any of those other destinations take your fancy, have a peek at my other travel writings. Otherwise, onwards and upwards with my Instagram guide to Mykonos!


If you’re trying to decide whether to pick Mykonos as your (or “one of your” if you’re lucky) travel destination for Summer 2020, you wont regret it. Yes, it is a tad pricey, it is fairly hilly, and you do need to travel quite far out of Mykonos Town to get to a decent beach. However, IMO the pro’s most certainly outweigh the cons. I would 100% go back, and that’s down to the sheer magic of Mykonos.

This particular Greek Island is the perfect location for those wanting the Santorini vibes, without the Santorini price tag. The views are just as beautiful, the food as delicious, and the people just as welcoming and friendly. There really is a photo opp around every corner – With such stunning meandering roads, exploring is part of the Mykonos experience.

Instagrammable Mykonos

Instagram Guide To Mykonos

Mykonos Town

My favourite Mykonos moment? Walking through the white & blue meandering streets of Mykonos Town in the morning, when the sun hit just right. We must have spent hours exploring the streets, getting lost, and finding ourselves again. Little landmarks, personal to us, like “the house with the Pomeranian” became the norm. It was certainly a pleasure to find gems hidden behind rows of quaint white walls & delicate fuschia flowers.

Instagrammable Mykonos Instagrammable Mykonos Instagrammable Mykonos Instagrammable Mykonos
Instagrammable Mykonos

Shop Fronts

When spend enough time wandering through the winding streets of Mykonos town, you’ll start to notice the gloriously adorable shop fronts pretty quickly. This tiny boutique store with the “#HAPPINESS” sign out front is probably the most popular on Instagram, and a lot of people try and get a snap here. It’s on the main street as you enter Mykonos Town, just keep walking straight along and you’ll soon spot it. I would 100% recommend getting here as soon as the sun comes up as it does get very busy after around 8/9am in the morning. Another one of my faves is the Louis Vuitton store in the main shopping area, the doorway is an inviting photo opp and we often spotted cats here basking in the sunshine.

Instagrammable Mykonos
Instagrammable Mykonos

Panachra Church

How can you go to Mykonos and miss this beautifully decorated Church square? Oh, it really is a beautiful sight. The Church area is often busy with people and the sun hits it directly for most of the day, so if you’re into getting the shot I’d suggest heading there early and finding a lovely shaded spot. The flags are, as far as I’m aware, always up!

Instagrammable MykonosInstagrammable Mykonos
Instagrammable Mykonos

St Nikolas Church

Located in the middle of a square filled with a plethora of restaurants & bars, you’ll find St Nikolas Church. Not only is it a perfect backdrop for photos, but the beautiful red domes can be enjoyed throughout the day as some restaurants set out tables and chairs right beside it.  A perfect setting for an evening in Mykonos Town, with a mojito in hand & Souvlaki on the way!

Instagrammable Mykonos Instagrammable Mykonos Instagrammable Mykonos

Little Venice

Little Venice is a must visit when in Mykonos Town. It is most certainly overpriced and I would stay clear of this area altogether when looking for restaurants. Perfect for a little stroll & a quick visit to the Windmills which are just across the bay from the famous Little Venice setting of the building jutting out over the sea. Although we didn’t have time to get any outfit shots around Little Venice, we did grab a cocktail or two *wink* at a bar right on the sea front. They may have cosy an arm & a leg, but the view at sunset is to die for and the golden hour glow really does shine across the sea.

Instagrammable Mykonos Little Venice Instagrammable Mykonos Little Venice Instagrammable Mykonos Little Venice

Kastro’s Restaurant

We did have to meander through a fair few streets to find Kastro’s, but once we did we could really see why it’s such a big insta hot spot. The staff were lovely and let us take a few snaps outside with the tables. This morning in particular was very windy and overcast and it certainly wasn’t al fresco weather. But if I were to return to Mykonos in the future, I’d definitely be having a breakfast date at Kastro’s.

Instagrammable Mykonos Kastro's Instagrammable Mykonos Kastro's


Would it be a complete round up & full Instagram guide to Mykonos without mentioning the Bougainvilleas. These beautiful pink, purple and red blooms can be spotted all over the island and they really are as beautiful in real life as they are on the gram. My best advice on this one is, explore! We found the best Bougainvilleas when we hadn’t planned to. This also depends on the time of year that you visit, I went in the middle of May and there were plenty of flowers to spot and snap!

Paraportiani Church

Although this was top of my “I really need a photo here” list before heading to the island, we had the worst weather and had to call off the shot here. Although it loos beautiful and serene in this shot, the wind was howling and it was actually really cold on this morning. Paraportiani Church is right on the top of the water, which means it can get a little windy up here. I’d definitely suggest heading here early on a clear day.

Instagrammable Mykonos Instagrammable Mykonos

Livin Mykonos Hotel

I didn’t write this post with the intent on giving hotel recommendations, however I did shoot an awful lot in the hotel grounds in Mykonos so it’s certainly worth a mention. We picked Livin Mykonos because it looked so beautiful, quiet, and small – Ideal for a relaxing break in the Med. The hotel staff went above and beyond for us, and even let us stay in our room a little longer as we had an evening flight booked back. To be honest, the staff at Livin Mykonos made our stay.

I would most def recommend this hotel for couples, as it’s quite quiet and secluded. However, you probably will want to rent a car if you’re not a fan of walking as the trip to/from Mykonos town was 20 mins either way each day. Which we did, and was totally fine but boy did we feel fitter than usual after the end of our trip. I must say, the pool area was gorgeous and the sunset views from here were simply stunning.

— Hotel rooms at Livin Mykonos hotel in Mykonos Town —

Livin Mykonos Hotel

~ FIN ~

Hope you enjoyed my Instagram guide to Mykonos, folks!

Have you travelled to Mykonos?
Which is your fave spot for ‘gramming?

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