How To Survive *That* Long Distance Car Journey This Christmas

We all know what it’s like to be travelling up to visit your aunts & uncles, cousins, gran & grandad in a jam-packed car for festive fun. Imagine it now: you & your bro/sis are arguing over the last Haribo in the packet, your mam wont turn off The Bublé even though the Christmas CD has been on repeat since November. Not only that, but your either battling torrential British rain (as we just don’t get that fluffy white stuff any more) and/or the slippery, icy roads that make anyone’s ace driving skills questionable.

I can certainly throwback to being about 9 y/o in the car on the way to a classic Boxing Day family gathering, with my little sister causing a fuss and mum n’ dad arguing over which A road to take (obvz with Bublé blaring in the background because it’s CHRISTMAS). At sub zero temperatures, this can be really quite dangerous, I actually look back on times like that as an adult and think to myself, gosh that really wasn’t safe.

As an adult, driver or passenger, you’re fully aware of the consequences of not keeping your full concentration on the road ahead and drivers around you, and these consequences can be exasperated by weather conditions. Whether those conditions may be a blizzard, heavy snowfall, or simply the roads icing over – You really do need to consider how you can make those long, winter journeys safer and easier for everyone.

I think the big #1 point is to not distract the driver, whether that’s mum, your bro, your best mate… or even yourself. Everyone on the trip should be aware that the driver is the boss, and although the trip is supposed to be fun (ummm, car games anyone!?) the driver needs to be able to say “guys, give me a second I need to concentrate” when needed.

Secondly, the car needs to be in tip-top shape before even attempting to drive long distance during the winter months. As an engineer, I was made aware of the effect of weather conditions on the performance of tyres and traction – like pools of water and icy patches on the roads which can lead to decreases in the amount of “grip” the tyres have on the road. Road tyres are designed well for this, but it doesn’t hurt to check your tyres, have a reliable selection!

Lastly do have a tonne of fun because if, like me, times when the whole gang are together are pretty rare since we’re all growing up and have our own lives to lead everyday. Whether that’s a group of best buds, uni friends, work colleges, family, or simply just you and your partner (& kids!) – it’s all about making that long car journey fun and memorable instead of a drag.

So do throw on the Bublé Deluxe Edition Christmas Album that everyone loves to hate, bring an extra bag of snacks for the guys in the back, and be safe on the roads during the icy, cold winter season.

How do you make the effort to stay safe during long car journeys in the winter?


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  1. Chichi
    November 20, 2017 / 3:55 PM

    I don't have any plans to travel far this Christmas, but I'd normally take the train if I had to – I can't

    • Chichi
      November 20, 2017 / 3:56 PM


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