How To DIY A Fluffy Gold Stool for Under £15!

Have you ever needed a big fluffy, luxe-looking, metallic stool in your life but think “what the fucking hell” when looking at a £50+ price tag. Then I certainly have the answer for you! This fluffy gold stool only cost me £14.75 to make and I now that it’s all constructed and what not, I can’t believe I was actually tempted to spend that sort of money on something like this from a store.

This isn’t the most crazy hardcore stool ever so you can’t exceed the weight limit of one person, but it’s absolutely fab for a vanity/desk, or to go in a walk-in-wardrobe, or even at the end of your bed! I got the inspiration for this post from Ciara O’Doherty, check out her YouTube channel because it’s FAB.

Step One – Get The Parts

So firstly I bought the Marius stool from IKEA (£3.25) and I opted for the white version as I thought this would be so much easier to spray paint my chosen metallic hue.

Next you’ll need some spray paint – I got the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Metallic Spray Paint Gold (£3.50) in the 150ml size as this is enough paint, but you can get bigger if you’re working on other spray paint products. I chose gold as I have a lot of gold accents throughout my living area at the moment, but I can always take it apart and re-spray them chrome, or even rose gold! Choose a metallic hue of your preference, basically!

Then grab yourself a fab fluffy cushion. As the stool seat is around 40cm, youll need a cushion that measures 40×40 or 45×45, any bigger and the cushion wont support you and will slide around. Obvz, I went for a big fluffy cream one from Dunelm (£8.00) which measured 45x45cm but you can get a similar one at the same price from Wilko’s too.

Aaaand, the grand total is £14.75 – That’s all you need to create this fluffy stool – mad right?

Step Two – Spray Paint The Legs

So to spray paint the legs, I’d suggest using a large piece of cardboard to protect the surrounding floor area and preferably do this outside. I don’t have a balcony or car park or anything so I did this in the kitchen with a massive cardboard protective layer on the ground. If you do choose to do this inside, just make sure to open the windows and keep the area well ventilated for hours after you finish spraying.

You can put the legs together and then spray them, but as I only had a small space inside to do this I chose to do them lying down and flip them over after each coat dried. In total, I did two coats on each side of the legs, and then held them up to spray any bits that I’d left out by accident. Top tip – bring the spray can back away from the legs so you get a good mist, meaning a more even coat and no dripping!

Step Three – Create The Holes 

Okay, so you’ll need to be a bit careful at this part as you’ll need a small sharp kitchen or DIY craft  knife to piece through the cushion cover to slot the stool attachment points through so the legs can fix on. I did this will the cushion cover still on, but you can take it off if you’re more safety conscious.

Firstly, line up the stool to ensure it will fit quite snugly with a maximum of three fingers worth of extra room on any edge – this makes sure you wont “slip” off the stool when you sit on it and that there will be the stool chair there to support your weight.

Next open up the cushion cover and slide the stool chair disk inside and line it up so the legs will be exactly where you want them when fastened. Now take a pen, I chose a regular biro as it was on hand, and mark where the attachment points are on the outside of the cover and remove the stool seat.

Now take your knife and pierce the holes through the markings your made, ensuring to not make the holes too big as you don’t want the cushion sliding around on top of the stool. You should be able to slide the stool seat back in and realign it with the holes you just made, these should poke through so you can now attach the legs.

Step Four – Attach the legs… and ta-dah!

So this is probably the easiest bit of the whole DIY as you have the instructions for the Marius stool on hand, and you’re basically putting it together as if it didn’t have the cushion attached. First pop the legs together and screw with the blot provided. Then pop this assembly on top of the cushion and the bits poking out of the cover should *click* and attach to the legs in the correct holes. Next use the screws provided and a screw driver to secure it all in place and give it a final secure to make sure it’s all tight, tight, tight.

TA-DAH – You now have a gold-legged fluffy af stool that only set you back £14.75 in total.

It really couldn’t be easier and I’m sooooo happy with how this lil fluff ball of a stool came out. The best thing about this is that you can totally switch the cushions out with different colours for different seasons if you really wanted and you can re-spray the legs for a change of aesthetic. I might have a Masters in Engineering (hence all the tools on hand), but honestly this DIY was a right doddle and I have no doubt that anyone could pull it off! 

So what do you guys think?

Are you living for this DIY as much as I am?


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  1. Jennifer Frank
    November 11, 2017 / 4:33 PM

    ah that's insane! i wish i was this creative, i definitely need to give this a whirl when I move into my new room. It's gorgeous! jen, velvet spring x

  2. Mel Eaglestone
    November 12, 2017 / 8:47 PM

    This is a really awesome DIY – loving it!Mel ✨

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