Glossybox April 2017 | Review & Unboxing

I absolutely love this time of the month, right bang in the middle, you wanna know why? It’s beauty box delivery timeeeeeeeeee *sang in an dramatic operatic manner* which means all of my lovely April beauty boxes have started to pop through my letter box, and I could not be more excited to share them with you.

Starting with the Glossybox*, obvz, the first ever beauty box I ever tried so it still holds a special place in my lil blogger heart. There’s no obvious box theme for this month, so I’m assuming it’s lots of yummy products to get you in the Springtime mood. Apparently the box is supposed to be for busy bodies who are always on the move, and I can kinda see that in the box, kinda. Let’s dig in anyway, ey?

Old English Company – You Can & You Will Notebook*


Elgon’s Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner

Full Size

RRP – £12.00

Apparently this product is a blessing for hair that always gets clogged up from product build up. Since I’m a self confessed dry shampoo over-user, this sounds right up my street. The packaging is simple, yet cute – and I’m all for that. Defo popping this bad boy in the shower for use during my next wash!

ModelCo Mini Contour Stick in Shade 02

Full Size

RRP – £8.00

Although this looks slightly too orange toned for my skintone to use as a contour, I’m considering popping this on as a cream-bronzer sorta thing? I’m hoping you’re feelin’ me right now, and fingers crossed it’ll somehow work. But the formula is pretty workable, and the fact that it’s in a stick is a lifesaver when it comes to placement of the product. 

Merci Handy Black Vanilla Hand Sanitizer

Full Size

RRP – £2.90

I have so many of these lil sanitizers from Merci Handy from various beauty boxes however I never get fed up of seeing them in any box. They are ridiculously handy to pop in a handbag (I now have so many that I have one in each of my bags) and you’re ready to go. It’s always great if you’re out and about and grab a sandwich or panini for lunch and god forbid you forget to wash your hands like yo’ mama told you to huh?

Rodial Glamolash Mascara

Deluxe Sample

Worth – £13.72

You guys know that I have teeny tiny asian lashes, so seeing a mascara in any beauty box is a thumbs up for me. The Rodial Glamolash mascara boasts “supercharging volume” power which is 100% up my street, let me tell you now. I’m always up for as much volume as possible, so please please please don’t let this one flake on me, Rodial. Please.

Sport FX Double Time Brush

Full Size

RRP – £10.99

Although I’m not personally a huge fan of double ended brushes, this is the perfect edition to any active girl’s gym makeup bag. NOTE: No girl-bashing allowed, it;s totally fine to wear however much (or little) makeup you want to wear to the gym, out for run, even for a bloody swim. If you’re into that, or like to put on a lil something-something after you finish working out, this would definitely work for you.


Box Cost: £10.00 + £3.25 P&P

Elgon’s Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner – Full Size – £12.00
ModelCo Mini Contour Stick – Full Size – £8.00

Merci Handy Black Vanilla Hand Sanitizer – Full Size – £2.90

Rodial Glamolash Mascara – Deluxe Sample – £13.72

Sport FX Double Time Brush – Full Size – £10.99


Not as impressive as the March Glossybox, but still a substantial value of £30+ more than you pay for the both. If you’re into trying new brands, and new beauty products, the Glossybox* is still insanely good value.

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