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A few weeks ago, I was invited to quite a special little event down in Cardiff Bay. Jenessa, from The Vintage Kilo Sale and Glass Onion Vintage, got in contact and asked if I would be interested in popping down to their first ever vintage fair in Cardiff (omg, right?) and pick out some pieces to style, and share with you all!

I’ve been a massive fan of vintage/thrift shops since I was 16 years old, living in London, with only my Saturday job wages to keep me stylish. So I do feel like I’ve learnt a few tricks of the trade when it comes to having a good dig for vintage gems.


If you’re used to vintage sales, you’ll know that the early bird really does catch the worm – so it is best to really invest in the experience and make the most of it! Luckily, Jenessa booked myself and 2 others in for early entry* – and boy were we grateful (u da best, Jenessa!) The fair was located in a hall down by Cardiff Bay and there was a hefty queue by 10.45am when we arrived. 

We were given a cute little stamp (I shouldn’t have worn white because it did transfer onto my jumper) and a bag to hold our goodies in. The idea is quite simple, you fill up the bag with all of your vintage finds, and you pay by the kilo!


If you take thrifting seriously like me, it’s important that you know which kinda items you want to end up bagging. The hall is huuuuge and filled with all manner of vintage items. It’s laid out ridiculously well, so I managed to find where the knits and oversized shirts were within 0.5 seconds – Eyes on the prize, guys. I did notice quite frequent replenishment going on throughout the time I was there, so it was great to see everyone getting a chance at finding something special.


There was a separate room at the back full of mirrors and sofas where you can try on all your new vintage finds, which I thought was pretty nifty. I opted for more of a “hold it up to me – yah or nah?” sort of approach to trying the pieces on, and it helped me to dump a few pieces that were lovely, but I perhaps wouldn’t wear as frequently.

There are no separate cubicles or womens/mens changing areas, so if you want to properly try things on, prepare to bare or wear sensible undies, like a sportswear bralet top and shorts.


So you’ve filled your bag to the brim, and you’re ready to see the damage – but at £15.00/kilo you really can’t go wrong. As 1 kilo is approximately 3/4 pieces of clothing, you really can get more for your money The more you buy, the less you pay per kilo – so it could definitely be an opportunity for vintage junkies to stock up.

If you’re more of the frugal shopper, there are weighing scales around to help you keep on budget, and again help you eliminate some items.

Jenessa and the Vintage Kilo team kindly gifted me a free kilo*, however I really couldn’t help but go over. As much as I tried, all of the items in my bag were 100% coming home with me. I think my bag came to a total of around £20-£25, and it was worth every penny.

Okay guys, so this post wouldn’t be complete without showing you a few beauties that I picked up on the day! Don’t get me wrong, I had to put so many things back. I think self control is key here, but it is ridiculously hard when it’s such a bargain!


I was so surprised when the cashier-guy handed me a little blogger parcel with my name on it, from Glass Onion Vintage. Jenessa let me know that the Instagram team had a peek at my account and handpicked me a few pieces before the sale opened, and I was over the moon. The parcel contained a little note, some Glass Onion Vintage rock sweets, and the most perfect monochrome vintage pieces – Insta-team, you did good.

The Vintage Kilo Sale tours the UK week-on-week, supplying various cities with much needed affordable vintage fashion. You can have a peek at their website, and check out when they’re going to be in your city here!

What do you look forward to most when going to vintage shops & events?



  1. Lauren
    April 23, 2016 / 9:00 PM

    I'm going to the vintage kilo sale in Glasgow next week and you've made me even more excited! That floral dress is unbelievable! x

  2. Leigh Brady
    April 23, 2016 / 11:15 PM

    I love Kilo sales! I used to pick up so many plaid and oversized shirts from them so cheap! The stuff you've picked up is so nice! x-

  3. Xinyi Chen
    April 24, 2016 / 3:51 AM

    Wow the place looks amazing, and you got yourself some good buy!xxXin

  4. Jodetopia
    April 24, 2016 / 11:44 AM

    You got some amazing pieces and I love how you've featured them against the plain white wall!Jodie @ Jodetopia x

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