Essence Metal Shock Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow – £3.50 Bargain Buy?

Wandering around the aisles of Wilkos has definitely become a bit of a past time for moi (self employed procrastination at it’s finest) because who doesn’t need plant potting mix, laundry liquid, a new tooth brush, throw for the sofa, bit of pick’n’mix, and a new eyeshadow all in one shopping trip, am I righttttt? 

Essence is obvz my display of choice when it comes to Wilkos beauty range, as far as I’m aware I think it’s the only UK retailer currently stocking the majority of the full range and I always manage to spot something new on the display. As soon as I saw the Essence Metal Shock Liquid Glitter Eyeshadows I got real UD, Colourpop, and Stila liquid eyeshadow vibes and at £3.50 a pop I was sold even before I swatched them.

As packaging goes, I’m pretty fucking impressed for a £3.50 retail price to be completely honest. These aren’t exactly real-glass luxury packaging, but for such a bargain price they look totally cute. One thing that threw me off a bit was the change from silver detail on the front of two of them, and black on the 01 gold shade… why tho??? Anyway, the writing is quite dynamic, yet simple and it is what it is for a crazy cheap price tag. The applicator itself is exactly what I thought it would be, a standard small flat paddle doe-foot which is in-fitting with the product itself and actually applies it really well, congrats Essence!

There was one dud colour amongst the 6 that I swatched which was a deep purple tone, so not quite sure about that shade. But all of the others were beautifully metallic, thick, and god darn shiny af. I opted for a gold, rose gold, and a charcoal silver for variety, and I think these shades are quite the staple when it comes to any glittery eye I actually do on my dress-up-make-up days (which are few and far between).

01 Solar Explosion – A true gold with champagne reflects

02 Stars & Stories – A rose gold with cool pink undertones and silver reflects

03 Galaxy Rocks – A deep charcoal grey with lavender undertones and silver reflects 

Upon swatching these it’s very clear that the colour is pretty opaque and there is no scent to any of the shades I bought, so I’m thinking this will follow throughout the whole line. Out of all of these, Galaxy Rocks swatches the best, and Solar Explosion the least – which actually seems quite strange to me. Usually I stay clear of deeper metallic creme formulas as these always tend to be patchier than their lighter counterparts but it’s quite the opposite with this formula apparently.

These bad boys all dry down within about 30-60 seconds (dependant on how thick you apply them) and don’t really transfer – but if you rub against the there is some shimmer transfer but no fall out whatsoever. You can also layer them up for full opacity, but if you’re doing this you have to work slightly faster in order to blend them out and get rid of any harsh unwanted edges that you might get upon the application. Just be aware that the more you layer these, the more of that “shimmer transfer” you’ll get due to the thickness of the product on the skin!

Obvz, I was very impressed from the get go – but the main question is: Girl, do they crease tho? Absolutely not. I wore Galaxy Rocks from 10am – 10pm at night and there was pretty much no real signs of wear, no transfer, no creasing… and full pigmentation all day. Yup, the hype is real guys. Not only that, but these blend out really nicely with a clean fluffy brush and you wont get any harsh edges that wont budge upon application, or harsh edges that “appear” throughout the day as the product wears.

Too summarise, girl – if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to the more esssspensive liquid glitter eyeshadows on the market, you won’t be disappointed with the Essence version. They’re highly pigmented, long wearing, and blend beautifully… I just wish essence would bring out something a little more fun in this exact formula, like a “holo” shade or perhaps a few duo-chromes, I think they would 100% be a success and I certainly would purchase all of them. I’m going to be picking up the other shades in the range because they’re fucking £3.50 ?! and a bargain imo, thanks for creating a fab liquid eyeshadow Essence!

Have you tried Essence cosmetics before?

What are your fave drugstore bargain buys?

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  1. Kate Mitchell
    April 13, 2018 / 3:12 PM

    These look insanely good especially for that price

  2. Lucy Jane
    April 14, 2018 / 11:00 AM

    Would love to see what this looked like on, they look so good!Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    May 9, 2018 / 5:41 AM

    I loved the collection.

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