Creating A Scandi Style Living Room With An Argos Home Sofa

Argos Joshua Right Hand Sofa in Grey

One thing that I learned from going 30 days sans-sofa, is that the sofa really is the heart of the living room. As weird as that sounds, it’s true. Once we had moved into our brand-spankingly new unfurnished flat, we realised that creating a home would be much harder than we thought. Luckily Argos Home was on hand to help us pick out a scandi style sofa that totally suited us, and our new pad. Unfortunately there was a little wait on the perfect sofa. Leaving  us with 30 whole days to mull over how much we valued the old, plush, 3-seater in our old apartment.


As soon as I saw the Argos Home Joshua Fabric Sofa*, it was love at first sight. Obvz I always wanted to go scandi with the design as that hygge, minimalism look is the one. The Light Grey tone of Argos Home Joshua sofa looked ideal for our more simple living room colour scheme. Oh, and even though my mother always warned me against fabric sofas (I’m a spiller) I just had to go with my gut.

We opted for the Right Hand Corner variety of this Argos Home sofa, but there are other varieties of the Joshua:

We decided to us the Right Hand Corner sofa to break up our open planned kitchen/living space, sectioning it off and creating a “closer”, cosier vibe.

Argos Joshua Right Hand Sofa in Grey


30 days later: We have a sofaaaaaa!

Whoopieeee, who knew that “sofa delivery day” would be this exciting. After a month of sitting on the floor to watch video games with old cushions sliding down as we propped them up behind us, up against the wall, this was about to be pure bliss. The team at Argos Home Delivery had already confirmed the delivery slot (we chose morning) so they arrived promptly at 8am on Saturday morning. Two burly guys carried up big boxes filled with, presumably, our sofa in pieces and asked for a quick signage before heading off. Done!

Well, almost done. It did take us the best part of half an hour to get the energy to lift the sofa pieces out of the boxes. Yep, sofas are wayyyyy heavier than they look. But I did take this as a sign of great quality, this Argos Home Sofa certainly wasn’t cheap and light weight. Once out of the box, a quick screw of the legs is all that’s needed to get the sofa ready to go. You definitely need two people to put together a corner sofa, in case you were wondering. The tough bit was lifting one side up to *slot* it in the other, if you know what I mean.

Argos Joshua Right Hand Sofa in Grey


Ta-dahhhhh! Just like magic, the room instantly feels more welcoming and 100% more cosy. I love love love open planned living spaces, but key is to section off the room and create identifiable separate spaces. The right hand juts out just before our kitchen creating the illusion of it being the end of the living room, and beginning of the kitchen area. Not to mention, the scandi-look of this sofa complements everything else we have going on in the room. It suits the space, and us, perfectly.

We were kindly gifted this Argos Home sofa, but I do believe that it is worth £399 in terms of value. It’s certainly not a sofa that’s easily slumped into, or terribly forgiving when you sit in it, which you could expect from a more structured sofa. But it looks *so* good and definitely gets more comfortable the more you use it. It hasn’t lost any shape yet, which is also impressive, seeing as I’m a heavy-sitter if you know what I mean. Considering the modern twist in it’s design, the quality of the fabric, and the practicality, I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a stylish sofa with quality and flair.


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*I was kindly gifted this sofa from Argos Home, but all opinions and views are my own*


  1. January 10, 2019 / 4:36 PM

    That sofa looks gorgeous, and love the scandi vibes! Me and my husband have recently ordered sofas – they look quite similar to the Argos one!

    Zoey |

  2. January 11, 2019 / 10:02 PM

    I love this sofa, and the way you’ve styled your living room. It looks super cosy, yet sooo stylish!

    Kayla ♥︎

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