Creating A Festive Rosé With Blossom Hill

A Festive Blossom Hill Pale Rose

On a cosy, night in with candles lit & a festive movie on the telly.. a glass of rose is certainly not out of place. However, being as extra as I am, a simple glass of rose just doesn’t cut it on the christmassy front. Even though I adore a chilled glass of Blossom Hill pale rose on it’s own, this time of year certainly makes a fab excuse to put in a little more effort and really create something that looks beautiful.


  • At least one bottle of Blossom Hill Pale Rose (if you like it dry) or Blossom Hill White Zinfandel (if you like it sweet) and chill in the fridge
  • Edible shimmer, like this one
  • Ice and/or frozen winter berries, including strawberries, cherries, blackberries, and redcurrents
  • Sugar or a crystallised sugar alternative (a xylitol one works well)
  • Honey / syrup / some from of sticky sauce


A Festive Blossom Hill Pale Rose


Choose your glasses, I went for some classic-stemmed one, and cover the rim in a thin coating of your sticky sauce of choice. You can indeed do it with water or juice, but I find that this does cause the sugar to start dissolving which can get messy if you’re not a pro.

After washing my hands I used my finger to draw a ring around the rim of the glasses with honey and this did a fab job at keeping the sugar put (more on that later). After covering the rim, pour your sugar of choice out onto a place, and holding the glass at a 45 degree angle, swirl the rim around until the whole glass is covered. Then pop it in the fridge for ten mins to *lock* that sugar rim in place.


Next, take the glasses out of the fridge and start popping your berries in. I popped two of every big berry and a handful of the smaller berries into each glass but feel free to put in as much or as little as you fancy. At this point it’s also optional to pop your ice in aswell but the chilled berries work well to keep your fave rose cool so I didn’t need it! Then, pour your rose as carefully as possible without spilling on the sugar rim and give it a swirl with a spoon to diffuse the berries.


Now for the fun bit, the edible shimmer! This is the part that makes your mates go “oooh girl that’s fancy” and it works every, single, time. Promise, this will wow. I used a pink shimmer that has a slight berry taste but you can use anything you like – please do make sure that it is edible though! I found mine in Lakeland, but you can get edible shimmer in the cakes/baking aisle of any big supermarket really. Pop in a teaspoon and swirl once again.


Pop on your fave festive movie, grab a chunky throw, and get cosy. Enjoy!

A Festive Blossom Hill Pale Rose

A Festive Blossom Hill Pale Rose

***This is a collaborative post with Blossom Hill***


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