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Okay, so if you follow me on the right channels, you may have noticed that I’ve completely fallen in love with corseting with Orchard Corset. They sent me over two of their high quality corset pieces to try out and review for you all, and I just couldn’t wait to get involved. 

I decided that a corset was right for me, as I suffer from a joint disability that affects all the joints in my body. From my shoulders to my toes, it can get super painful if I’m not careful. As I’ve aged (I’m only 22, but my joints are probs at least 40) – I’ve noticed that my back has suffered due to my weak spine and posture. So I thought that using a corset would help to support my back and spine and reduce subconscious slouching throughout the day. Believe it or not, I have seen a massive improvement in my shoulder pain, and I have comfortably been able to wear the corset everyday. I don’t wear it very tight, just snug enough to provide support.

NB. If you do use a corset to waist train / take inches off your waist – good for you, you do you okay? This post isn’t here to judge anyone on what they use their corsets for, just to provide an insight into corsets.


The sizing of your corset is the most important thing to think about before placing an order. Luckily I had the lovely team at Orchard Corset to give me a helping hand! They have a variety of corsets on their website, catered towards different torso lengths, waist measurements, and yes – even body shape. I have a natural hourglass figure, with a slightly larger bust than hip.

After providing my measurements to the team, they sent over some personal recommendations to make sure that I ordered a corset that I will love. I chose two of the recommended styles, the CS-345* and the CS-411* (Photographed!), both in Black Satin finish as most of my clothes are black. I got styles of two different lengths, ie the CS-411 is shorter than the CS-345, as I have a very short torso length and I am petite at only 5ft 1.


The Orchard Corset headquarters are on the West Coast of the USA, so they were sent via international shipping. Unfortunately, the first package that was sent out to me got lost in the mail, but as the items are all tracked, Orchard Corset was lovely enough to send another package out. I recieved the corsets within 2/3 weeks and they were beautifully packaged in tissue paper and it perfect condition, even after the long journey to the UK!


The many problems that are associated with corset wearing, are mostly due to inappropriate seasoning of the corset. If you have no idea what I’m on about, seasoning is the gradual wearing in of  corset over time. This is very important as the corset needs to mould to your unique body shape, all of your curves so you end up with a very comfortable, personalised fit.

I seasoned my CS-411 over a two week period, by beginning with only 2/3 hours wear and ending with about 6/8 hours wear (depending on how my body was feeling). I also gradually tightened the corset over the 2 week seasoning period.

During Day 1, I wore the corset tightened so that I could fit my hand up the bottom and down the top of the corset, this allows your body to shape from the waist to the rest of your midsection. Then I gradually, and slowly, tightened it over the fortnight, and it had a very comfortable fit to my body shape!


After the seasoning period, you can wear your corset as often as you like! Some people wear their corset for up to 10 hours, or even overnight – but this is usually very serious waist trainers. I put mine on after breakfast and take it off in the early evening, or even the last afternoon, and this helps to result my back pain over the course of a day.

The Orchard Corset CS-411* is very comfortable to wear daily, and I can tell that the corsets are of very high quality. The steel boning doesn’t cause any discomfort, and they really do mould to your shape throughout the seasoning process. The actual material of the corset is super soft, and the laces are thick and sturdy.

When it comes to everyday wear, I wear my corset over plain black, longline vests under jumpers or dressed – as sitting the corset on your skin could damage both your skin and the corset itself. Some days I’ll try and wear my corset and my body simply tells me to stop – it’s unfortable and sometime’s a little painful. If this happens, then listen to your body and take it off!

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