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So I’m that girl that’s forever envious of gals with flat stomachs who can comfortably wear body con dresses or bare their midriff without a care in the world. It isn’t at all because I don’t think I’m skinny enough (FYI – sadly, it might be a little bit of that) but because I bloat out so easily. If you’re already getting grossed out about the idea of bloating, then I do urge you to look away and probs go ahead and hit the “x” of this internet tab.

If you’re a girl and go through the dreaded time of the month, you’ll know bout dah period bloat. During that time, our bodies hormone levels are through the roof which causes some pretty uncomfortable water retention and can cause digestive issues, not fun. Tbh it’s easy to throw on a baggy jumper or a smock dress and be done with the stomach that looks like you’re in the third trimester. When really, the issue should be properly addressed from the inside-out, through what we consume in our bodies.

Now I’m certainly not claiming that everyone is eg. gluten intolerant, however if you selectively cut out certain foods from your diet in a trial period you can certainly determine and eliminate some bloat-causing baddies. I always find that I bloat much less when I cut out refined carbs like pasta, bread, etc from my diet and I feel hella better for it. Other may find that salty food make them retain water like mad, or a high sugar diet makes them overeat.

The key to reducing the big bloat is also linked to eating the right amount (aka don’t stuff your face with pasties a la moi), chewing properly & not wolfing it down, and very simply – drink a lot more water! Many people overestimate the amount of water they drink on the daily,  but it’s so easily with all these fancy apps floating about to really track your daily intake & help create water consumption goals.

One way to boost your digestive health is by planning ahead. One way that I get ahead of the game is by taking a digestive supplement. I’m currently taking Udo’s Choice Super 8 Hi-Count Microbiotics and Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend, and by taking these regularly I have managed to treat those eww-y digestive symptoms of PMS that can really bring my mood down.

Each Super 8 capsule contains 42 billion viable cells, consisting of eight different strains of bacteria which focus on aiding upper bowel health. Whilst the Digestive Enzyme Blend contains seven active plant-based enzymes to assist the breakdown of food and thus aids healthy digestion that can help to beat that heavy, sluggish, post-meal feeling. Thus, the combination of both are heaven sent for bloat-y PMS gals like myself.

Now, we’re a long way from having bloat-free periods (fingers crossed that one day it’ll be a thing) but there are definitely small steps to take to really get back to feeling more like you. 

How does bloating affect you and what do you do to combat the dreaded period bloat?


*This content has been sponsored by Udo’s Choice, however all opinions and views are my own.


  1. kkochsongi
    February 26, 2017 / 11:37 AM

    So first of all, that lingerie set is absolutely to die for and I've gone and bookmarked it to buy it at sometime!I suffer severely from period bloat that starts while I'm PMSing and up until a few days after my period has ended! To stop that, as you mentioned, I stop eating particular foods while I'm on my period to try and reduce the bloating as much as I can. Though this can be difficult when period cravings kick in and you just want to eat everything around you! These supplements both sound like they would be great and would probably help me a lot when it comes to that ever hated bloated!Jasmine |

    • Holly Ah-Thion
      March 1, 2017 / 4:52 PM

      I totally get you, I'm the same – it's such a pain but at least we can help to reduce it! x

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