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You guys don’t know how good it feels to be back on my home turf. If you didn’t already know, I grew up in North London and went to school in Camden Town – Only a bus away from the hubub of Kings Cross. You may know it from the Harry Potter franchise, or perhaps you stopped by whilst changing tube lines once or twice. Here’s why you should make Kings Cross your dine-out destination.

Located only a stones throw away from Kings Cross Station, Bar + Block* is perfectly situated for a steakhouse and appeals to a variety of individuals – from couples on date night, to families out-n-about in London Town, to even the casual commuter looking for good quality grub.


Our server greeted us at the door and showed us to a table, but openly offered any table we wanted in the restaurant as there was still plenty of space when we arrived at around 6pm. We (cringe) picked a high stool table next to some plugs as we needed to recharge all of our devices after a long day of… London’ing.

Although this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (and there are plenty of booths or comfy seating on round tables) this was the perfect seat for us 20-somethings who needed to top up their tums and electronics after a busy day of exploring London.

The server brought over the Food & Drinks Menu, & as always I headed straight for the page labelled “Cocktails”. I opted for the Strawberry Mojito (£6.99) because… duh? It’s my ultimate fave cocktails and I luuuuv when a restaurant does it right. Just the right amount of sweetness, the mellowness of the mint, with a kick of lime – Well done on a fab mojito, Bar + Block! My other half went for something with berries (that’s his poison) – the Sipsmith Bramble (£6.99), filled to the brim with a punch of gin, sour lemon, and juicy blackberries.

Naturally, we did top up on cocktails before the night was over, and for seconds we both went for something a little different. I opted for the Mango Daiquiri (£6.99) (straight up, not blended) which was delish – again, the sweet/sour balance was spot on but we warned, this one definitely packs a punch with the amount of rum as it’s served short.

If you’re on a budget, be sure to grab a cocktail on Monday-Thursday between 5-7pm for Happy Hour where every cocktail on the menu is half price – Winner, winner!


Straight up, the starters were a little disappointing. Well, mine was anyway and I stole most of Alix’s starter because it was much yummier. I ordered the Burnt Ends (£4.95) which are described as “crunchy, caramelised and smoky beef brisket pieces” – this is true, but what the fail to tell you is that these bad boys are spicy. If you’re looking for that sweet barbecue flavour, this is it… with a tonne of spice. I really enjoy a mild-medium heat, but these are definitely medium+ on the spiciness scale and even my boyf who really likes spice said that he was put off by their spiciness. Not only that, but they were really quite dry and I imagined them being served with some form of smokey dipping sauce, I think Bar + Block is missing out on a trick here!

The starter that Alix got was insane, however – the Chicken Wings with Raspberry & Tabasco Sauce (£5.50) – and these weren’t spicy at all. I was quite gutted as I went out of my way to order something that wasn’t described as spicy, which was pretty heated, and my boyfriend ordered something with a Tabasco sauce and these were bloody delish! Honestly, wish I ordered them because they were juicy and moreish, and the Raspberry aspect totally sold me with a sweet / sour vibe. 

It’s a shame about the descriptions on the menu, because we both felt like our starters were somewhat misrepresented.


How could we go to a Steakhouse and not order steak as our mains, huh?! Naturally, we both went for a steak and there was actually so much to choose from on the menu. Bar + Block have a unique aspect to their steak menu, you can choose the weight of your cut… exactly! Due to their “Butchers Block” option, they can literally head into the kitchen and cut you any size steak you like from a big cut of meat and you pay by the weight – magic!

I’m much more of an “on the menu” kind of gal so I went for a classic 8oz Fillet Steak (£20.95) cooked Medium, and Alix went for the much more adventurous 10oz Spiral Cut Fillet (£25.50) cooked Medium also. Sadly, mine came far from Medium (it was very rare) and by the time I cut into it enough to see how rare it was, the restaurant was very busy and a server didn’t pass so I just ate around the steak. It didn’t bother me that much as I can eat rare steak, I would just have preferred it to have been cooked medium to my order. It was a particularly thick cut, which probably meant that the usual cooking time didn’t apply to how thick it was.

On the other hand, Alix’s was cooked to perfection and was dripping in  delicious garlic and parsley marinade. We both went for a steak sauce to maximise our steak experience, and I can safely say that both the Trio of Peppercorn or the Fiery Black Sauce (both £1.50 each) will not disappoint!


The  pièce de résistance of all food menus: dessert, or more specifically, Churros. Queue all the heart eye emojis because this was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had in a restaurant. The fact that Bar + Block even serves Churros for desserts gets a 10/10 for me… so imagine our faces when these bad boys arrived at our table….

Churros sundaes?! Absolutely genius, Bar + Block. I think I’d go as far as saying this was the highlight of the whole meal. The ice cream for both the Lemon and the Chocolate Churros Sundaes (£5.95 each) was delicious and we were really impressed that they catered for those with a sweet tooth and those with a sour, fruity preference. Look at those bloomin’ Churros! 

I’d definitely recommend popping down to Bar + Block* the next time you’re in the North / Central London areas, even if it’s just for the half price cocktails and a serving of Churros Sundae to share whilst catching up with a friend. The warm, homely atmosphere will have the vibes sorted, just choose your poison: steak, Churros, or perhaps a perfectly concocted Mojito. 


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*I was gifted this experience, however all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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