A Night At The Arch London

Does anyone else get a new-season craving for some R&R? I swear that my body just ~ knows ~ when the season is changing and I’m currently feeling the symptoms of all of my winter stress through every inch of my body. “Time for a break” my mind & body are screaming at me for a time-out, a real treat yo’self relaxation.

A v. well timed email popped into my inbox a few weeks ago from the lovely Roxii, asking if I would be interested in a night at The Arch London*. A quick google… and I had already fallen for the hotel decor, luxury minimalism at it’s finest! Plus, the location in Marble Arch looked like a fab base to explore a little more of *that* side of the city, like Oxford Street, Hyde Park, Baker Street, and Regents Park. Sign me up! I couldn’t possibly have typed “hell yeah” much faster.

Fast forward two weeks and we eagerly arrived a few hours early to check in at The Arch London and  have a wander around the Marble Arch area to grab a bite to eat. Upon our arrival, the Hotel Porter knew exactly what we needed before we said it,. He offered to take our bags and pop them in the room as soon as it became available (and even took my doughnut box and offered to pop it in the mini fridge in our room for me!) and so Alix and I popped off to Baker Street for a pizza. 

When we arrived back at the hotel and Room 318 was ready for us, so we jumped into the lift to explore the hotel and find our room. I must say this hotel has serious tardis vibes about it. The hotel was much bigger on the inside than we had pictured in our minds as the exterior of The Arch London l really doesn’t look like it holds 82 rooms inside.

After a short lift ride up to the 3rd floor, and a few meandering corridors, we finally reached our room. Weirdly enough, I relished in the “touch card” room entrance as I seem to be one of those people that can’t quite master the regular in-and-out hotel card doors (you know what I mean right?).

The porter showed us the most important bit about the room which I managed to completely forget to get a snap of, but the hotel has 24 hour service and the maids come and knock for you every now and again to ask if you need anything. So there are three little buttons as you walk in the room which you can press dependant on if you need assistance, like room service, some form of cleaning, or you can hit “zzz” which essentially is a Do Not Disturb button.


Our room for the night (Room 318) was an Executive Suite* and my gaaaawd was it beautiful. We both released a a substantial amount of oooh’s and ahhh’s (the pinnacle of such exclaimations was when we spotted the TV in the bath…) at the gorgeous interior decor.

The whole layout and design of the room is very much my style and even Alix said “this is soooo you” when we were having a look around. The floral cushions, pops of colour, and furniture design were so interesting, yet luxury – which meant that our stay felt very special right from the beginning.

The room was separated into smaller areas by the set up with the bed leading to an open living area with plush sofa, chair and glass topped table. Followed by a desk-near-window situation, tv etc, and the minibar/coffee area. It was evident that cleanliness and order is paramount at The Arch London, everything in the room was crisp, clean, and spotless and neither of us could find a fault. Oh and it’s also worth noting that the mini bar was stocked with complimentary soft drinks and the Nespresso machine was pure heaven!

This suite was full of natural light and faced the street… hey beaut London views! I absolutely loved having a street view which was light and airy, as the town houses opposite were so pretty and acted as a little reminder that we were in a scenic London hotspot!

Alix started off by (in his words) “testing how comfy the bed is” and had a nap…. boys ey? I did all of my bloggy photos, bopping around happy as anything, and then popped on both a bath robe and the kettle *ahhh bliss*. Obvz, I took advantage out of the free hotel wifi by watching the latest episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and then I just couldn’t wait any longer to jump in the bath with fizz!

You know the feeling of being in a lush bath in a stunning bathroom? Yup I had that, and I was glowing. Also, ya gal is appreciative of the amount of towels provided at The Arch London. My boyfriend is the type to somehow use as many towels as possible when he’s showering, brushing his teeth, washing his face, etc… and for once we didn’t have any towel arguments! A bubble bath + glass of bubbly + tv in the bath = one happy gal. The TV was just like a flat screen tv with freeview, so I had a wonderful soak watching a few eps of The Big Bang Theory.

One thing that’s obvious to me is that The Arch London really does look after their guests and every detail is accounted for. From the luxury label tea, coffee, and fruit juices, to the soft back rest supplied for the bath, detail is key. It’s clear that if you’re looking for a luxury hotel suite in the heart of central London to make your stay special, The Arch London offers a wonderful selection of rooms to make your night one to remember.


The Arch London’s very own restaurant is the Hunter 468, an “exceptional dining experience” in the centre of Marble Arch. Fun fact – It was actually named after the dialling code for the area from the 1950’s! Hunter 468 promises to provide the best of British cuisine, from a luxe version of a classic fish & chips to lush combos like orange & slow-cooked duck breast.  The decor is, again, very luxury with an industrial mis-matched spin, which I loveee. Not to mention there were jewel toned velvet  chairs everywhere and I’ve definitely had a bit of interiors inspo.


We opted for cocktails because… it’s the freakin’ weekend right? Alix has wanted to try a Manhattan for months now, so he opted for a “perfect” Manhattan straight up and I went (predictably) for something refreshing and fruity, the Cherry & Mango Slush. At £12.50 a piece, these bad boys aren’t cheap… but they are ridiculously yummy. Alix’s Manhattan was very drinkable (but we were warned that it’s very strong) and he was happy to sip it for the entire meal. Oh, and my cocktail was also very drinkable and I did manage to get through it really quickly. Anything cherry is my sort of cocktail for sure.


As soon as I was handed the menu, I knew that the Dressed Dorset Crab* (£10.00) had to be mine. Dorset crab with avo & grapefruit? Sign me right up! The crab was wonderfully seasoned and the taste was fresh (which is always what I look out for). The flavour was delicate enough for a crab dish, whilst the avo added texture, and a burst of citrus zing was most welcome from the zesty grapefuit.

Alix unusually went for the Crispy Lamb Sweetbreads* (£8.50) which were served with minted broad beans, radish, and capers. We had a quick google and found out that sweetbreads were the pancreas (we think) of the lamb, and Alix was pretty intrigued and decided to try it for the first time (and obviously I stole one from his plate in true girlfriend-style). Although the salad and dressing was tasty, and the texture was enjoyable, the sweetbreads didn’t actually have much flavour to them. Alix described them as tasting like a “bland chicken nugget” and I’ve got to give it to him, he was pretty much spot on with this description. It would have been nice to taste some form of seasoning in the breadcrumb coating to give it more of a memorable flavour.


If you’ve read any of  my reviews before, you’ll know that the key to my heart is either good shoes or a good steak, so I knew I’d be getting the Rose County 28 day aged Rib Eye Steak* (£26.00) served with French fries and a sauce béarnaise for my main. I did ask for the steak cooked Medium and the first time it arrived Well, which was a little disappointing but I was happy to wait and have another made for me. I was really impressed with how this was dealt with by the restaurant however, I had three apologies from different members of staff and was even brought an extra portion of chips free of charge to make up for the wait. The Medium steak was beaaaaautiful, 110% worth every minute I waited for it and Alix agreed with me on that. It was perfectly cooked and really tasty, with no grizzle or hard fat to spoil it either. Juicy, soft steak and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I would have liked to see a few sauce options for the steak as a Bernaise isn’t my favourite, but the chips were buttery and crispy on the outside.

Alix opted for the Roast Rack of English Lamb* (£24.00) with crushed Jersey Royals, baby vegetables, and a herb broth £24.00 (which would have been my 2nd choice) and it came perfectly pink and juicy. I did have a touch of food envy whilst I waited for my steak to be re-cooked, and luckily Alix let me try a piece. The lamb was cooked wonderfully, and the sauce and veg were a fab compliment to the dish. Alix did end up ordering a side of Steamed Jersey Royals* (£4.50) as he has quite a big appetite and needed a little more carb in the dish for his liking, they were tasty, soft, and just what you would hope a side of potatoes would be.


Creme Brulee happens to be my favourite ~ ever dessert, so you probably wouldn’t need three guesses to guess what I ordered… The White Chocolate and Blood Orange Crème Brûlée* (£8.50) was actually a real surprise! In my head (I clearly read it wrong…) I thought this dish would be a White Chocolate Brulee, with Bloody Orange… sauce? Maybe? But it was actually an orange flavored creme and I couldn’t have been more ecstatic about the flavour combo after my first spoonful. After cracking through the browned sugar topping, the creamy vanilla and *hint* of orange inside was a delight on the palate. The white chocolate shavings were a lovely touch (and they wern’t stingey with them either!) to a very generously sized dessert imo. Would 10/10 order again!

Bit out of character but Alix decided on a savoury dessert (ikr, what the hell?) and went for the British Farmhouse Cheeses* (£9.50) served with celery, apple and
raisin chutney, and oat cakes. The selection of cheeses were strong (fab) and the chutney was delish, we both had no complaints with Hunter 468’s version of a cheese board!


When in London, ey? Of course we had to upgrade our brekkie to room service, and The Arch London have a fab selection of breakfast-in-bed choices for you to select to really make your breakfast, just the way you want it… all without leaving your room! We both went for a classic Continental Breakfast* (£5.00 tray charge per person) with a juicy glassy of OJ, and a latte & pot of tea as our hot drink selection. We were both pretty blown away by the options for drinks, with all milk preferences catered for. Plus, there were generous options for those looking to be a little bit more health savvy (Healthy Breakfast option) or those who are veggie and still wishing to indulge in a full english (Vegetarian option). 

Firstly, the whole tray looked beaaautiful – what a sight first thing in the morning, ey? The presentation alone gets an A* from me! The fruit was all perfectly ripe and sweet, and the yoghurt was also a nice touch as this is pretty much what I have for breakfast everyday at home… but luxury! We also had a basket of pasties, croissants and what not, and a generous basket of toast to tuck into. For us, this made for a great start to the day as neither me or Alix are big breakfast eaters and this was just enough as a light, yet hearty, breakfast.

A massive thank you to Roxii and the entire team of staff down at The Arch London for having me for a luxury sleepover last weekend. Like I mentioned earlier, this hotel has every detail down to a T. If you’re looking for a hotel that doesn’t compromise on quality, provides top notch service, and will make your stay one to remember, I would highly recommend The Arch London for your next luxury stay in the Captial.

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* This was a complimentary stay at The Arch Hotel with Breakfast & Dinner included,

but all thoughts and opinions are my own *


  1. Lucy Jane
    March 29, 2018 / 7:52 PM

    Looks like the perfect place for a getaway, I adore these pictures!Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  2. Arianne
    March 30, 2018 / 5:09 PM

    This looks like such a nice place to get a weekend break! So jealous and love your outfit with the dotty shirt :)Feel free to check out my latest post xLOOK LOVE WEAR

  3. Becky | Dose Of B
    April 5, 2018 / 1:02 PM

    That room looks amazing! My goal is to have a TV in the bathroom! x

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