5 Fun Desk Decor Pieces To Inject Life Into Your Home Office

*Some items in this post have been gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

Fun Desk Decor - The Kitty Luxe

Why have a boring home office set up when your desk can look like this? To me, fun desk decor is more of a necessity than a choice. I don’t mind sitting at this ^^ desk for a hours at a time to get my work done, because good vibes start from a good environment. Without a desk area full of personality, my concentration wanes and I’m not at all inspired to get any work done. So here are my new desk additions which add a little vibrancy and life to my home office, enjoy!



Prezzybox Skull Tidy Prezzybox Skull Tidy Prezzybox Skull Tidy

If you’re looking for balance between cool and functional, then this fun desk decor might be right up your street. This Prezzybox Skull Tidy* is equally as eye-catching as it is useful, it’s perf for holding onto your desk bits’n’bobs like pins and paperclips. Oh, and well it just looks pretty damn cool doesn’t it?


Prezzy Box Middle Finger Candle Prezzy Box Middle Finger Candle Prezzy Box Middle Finger Candle

When it comes to fun desk decor, this baby takes top spot. The Prezzybox Middle Finger Hand Candle* is definitely a conservation starter if you pop it in a place of pride in your home when entertaining. Oh, and it’d make a fab tongue-in-cheek gift. The hand candles also come in “rock on” and “peace” hand symbols which are equally as cool. These bad boys sell like hot cakes so I’d definitely pop over to the Prezzybox website asap if you want to nab one for yourself.


Sass & Belle Buffalo Desert Skull Decoration

Looking to add a little boho vibes to your home? *Peace hand emoji* I got ya, huns. This little desk ornament can be left on any desk/table, or hung on the wall if that’s more of your sort of thing. I’m still trying to look for the perfect wall spot for my Sass & Belle Buffalo Desert Skull Decoration*, but until then, it makes for a fab desk ornament doesn’t it?


H&M Shell Shaped Plant Pot

One surprise purchase from H&M makes for the perfect desk planter, right? This H&M Shell Shaped Plant Pot makes for the ideal home for any faux or real hanging desk plant to keep you company during your work or studies. I’m a big advocate for bringing the outdoors, indoors, and this little guy works a treat. Plus, it’s stunning in gold, I just couldn’t say no!


MADE marble desk tidy MADE marble desk tidy MADE marble desk tidy

Necklaces – Daisy London*

I always get loads of questions about my giant desk coaster, and it’s simply just a marble serving slab! I got one this big as I always have lunch at my desk and hate the idea of having everything on the bare desk. Lunch is usually soup and a big coffee for me, and this giant coaster always has plenty of room to house both. This one sold out, but here’s a similar MADE marble desk tidy* that would look super cute in any home office.

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*Some items in this post have been gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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