3 Hyped Up Fragrances That You Should Actually Buy

This really is the time of the year that fragrances really come into their own. It’s the best time to launch and market parfum’s as they make perfect gifts, right? But are the ones you spot in the fancy adverts that make absolutely no sense, actually worth your hard earned pounds? Here are three that I’ve been trialling for the past few weeks, and yes, they really are worth the hype.

DKNY Nectar Love*

Looking for a perfume that’s as sweet a s it sounds without smelling like a body spray you would have spritzed on by the lockers during break back in 2k7? This is it. DKNY have killed it in terms of creating that more mature, succulent scent that’s both uplifting and just straight up yummy. The bottle isn’t really my thing, but when I received it in the post I put it straight on my vanity and that’s still where it sits… must be those honey hues!

£55.00 / 50 ml – Shop here

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal*

If you aren’t buying this purely for the bottle, let me try and entice you by the fragrance. I’ve been doing a little experiment, and swapped this out for my usual eau de parfum everyday this week… and my boyfriend actually noticed! I’ve got a “Ooh, you smell nice” and “What’s that? Is that new?” a few times this week and it’s convinced me that this perfume is actually something special because my boyfriend rarely ever notices when I switch up my fragrance (he says I always “smell nice” ~ eye roll ~ right?). Anyway, you can expect soft powdery vibes from this lil bottle, as well as  sexy floral notes that linger for hours.

£63.50 / 50ml – Shop here

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct*

This one surprised me so much guys, omg. I’ve seen advents for this fragrance around and about the place during the run up to Christmas and I never would have thought I’d fall hard for it. This literally smells like your partners tee that they’ve just taken off…

I’ve spritzed this on when I’ve been in my fave cosy loungewear, and it gives me so many warm fuzzy vibes when I catch the scent a day later. Yep, it lasts ageeees on the fabric and I’m actually considering spraying this on the clothes hanging in my wardrobe to make them all smell just as cosy. 

£42.00 / 50 ml – Shop here

What fragrances do you have that are hyped up and actually lush to wear?


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*I was gifted some of the products in this post, however the opinions and views are my own*

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