Monday, 16 October 2017

Your New Christmas Beauty Destination

Yaaaaas I'm well aware that it's October & I'm posting my first Christmas themed blog post, but let's face it, there are only 2 pay days til xmas 2017. Now, before you panic - you've got plenty of time to shop around and get a really good deal on beautiful Christmas prezzies which are sure to please everyone in the family.

I personally always find shopping for beauty products to be harder than anything else as it is really difficult to get a genuinely good deal. Christmas gift "bundles" are sometimes there to just get you to spend more and buy more, however I've found a store that can actually show you the great deal you're getting on your branded beauty gifts. Ideal World sent me over a Bloggers Box filled to the brim with sample beauty products available to buy, direct from their website.

For example, this "Change" by Lisa Riley* perfume usually £19.99 but on sale for £14.99 saving you a whole fiver, whilst you don't have to compromise on the luxe appeal. The packaging is gawwwjus, with a bright orange box and a classic & simplistic bottle that would sit pretty on any gals' vanity.

The Elizabeth Grand brand is one of Ideal Worlds' best selling beauty brands, and I can totally see why. The Elizabeth Grant Day & Night Cream* set is just beautiful. I was genuinely shocked at how cute the little pots of cream were when I popped them out of their boxes. The pots are bedazzled with lil crystals which create such a luxury beauty feel with a very versatile product inside, which is definitely something that a mum or aunt would really enjoy using on the daily.

The Elizabeth Grant Face Mask Collection* is definitely more up my street, as I'm a massive fan of multitasking. This set comes with 4 different masks and a mask brush to carefully apply each mask to target particular areas of the face. I think this is a good all-rounder for anyone who needs a bit of a pamper and a little TLC! I really do enjoy the packaging on these lil guys too, it's so easy to spot which mask you need and I must say the purifying mask is my favourite!

The Nano Tooth Whitening Kit* is a great xmas prezzie to gift yourself, IMO! I love treating myself to teeth whitening products as it's something that I really do invest in. The Nano Tooth Whitening Toothbrush* and Nano Tooth Whitening Toothpaste* are the perfect edition to any teeth whitening routine. 

If you're looking a for a new beauty gift destination, I'd definitely suggest having a look at Ideal World's Christmas store which launched on their website last week! I've got my eye on a few of their mini fragrance kits which are fab value for money, and a great gift for a friend who has everything!

What's on your to-buy list this Christmas?

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  1. Oooh I'm so excited for Christmas! Love these gift ideas though - amazing! I love the sound of that perfume! x


  2. Such thoughtful gifts, these look luxurious for the prices and I had no idea that Lisa Riley had a beauty range out!

    Mel ★

  3. Sounds like there are some great bargains to be found! Will definitely check their Christmas shop out :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx


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