Monday, 10 July 2017

Why I'm Not Splurging On Style This Summer

If you haven't read my last blog post, I suggest you do. It was my first blogger confession, and a pretty juicy one like that. If you're wondering I'm currently sat on my bed in a £15 boohoo dress with terribly greasy roots and I could not give less of a fuck. Anyway, I wanted to confess a little something else to you lovely lot, something very anti-blogger.

"Daydreamer" Custom Made Boater Hat by Maiz Designs*

Zara Pom Pom Basket Bag (Sold Out)
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ASOS Double Wrap Western Belt

Matalan Hexagon Oversized Sunglasses
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Zara Striped Bardot Dress (Sold Out)
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Ego Official Hazel Studded Slider In Black Faux Suede*

Honestly, I haven't splashed out on anything this SS17 and I feel oh-so fucking good about it. I haven't spent more than around £20-£30 on any items this summer, and although some may call it "fast fashion" I'm calling budget friendly fashion. I don't currently have the bank balance to spend £50 on a playsuit at Topshop or a lovely pair of statement heels from Office. Oh, and don't get me started on the "blogger goals" trend of that Gucci belt and those Celine sunnies. Sometimes I do beat myself up about not being able to afford such luxuries, and then I remember that in time I may be able to splash out in the future when I have a *real* job.

Anything that I do have that is a little bit on the pricey side, I'm gifted - and believe me, I'm so so so thankful for it. I think by not having the capacity to be able to splash the cash as a broke grad crafts gifted opportunities into gold, and I'm appreciating them more than ever. I wouldn't usually have the opportunity to style £100 worth of sunglasses or £50 worth of shoes, not because I wouldn't buy them myself but simply because I just don't have the funds.

TBH I'm always that gal who has about 20 tabs open on various websites, some high end and some high street - dreaming of purchasing it all and styling up some fab content for you guys. However, I always find myself spending small tid bits here and there on wearable fashion that I actually want to outfit repeat with! My fave purchases this summer? My £25 Zara basket bag, and a handful of under £20 dresses etc that don't break the bank but get you bang on trend. Fashion is accessible to everyone, you just need to know where to shop.

Alas, here are my top under £30 spends for an ultimate summer wardrobe that you don't have to splurge on, and wont break the bank. Enjoy, and thank me l8er chicas!





  1. I don't tend to buy many clothes - I prefer to spend money really carefully on things I think I'll wear lots. I could never be one of those people with a wardrobe full of handbags! x


  2. Loved this post so much! I'm such a bargain hunter (sounds like a horrible day time tv programme) but honestly I get such a thrill out of finding something for under £20 and getting complimented on it rather then if I spent £50+ on an item. Even though like any girl I have my high end items. Love this post and you look gorgeous!!!


  3. I don't blame you not splurging, some things are so so expensive now whereas you can find items just as nice on Boohoo etc. I'm so in love with that dress though, I wish you could be my stylist! xx

    Tamz |

    1. I know right, it's so hard to keep up with the trends when things get expensive! xo

  4. I love this post. As a student, I feel like I want all these things but I know that I just don't have the money to get all the things I want. I love your fashion though and love this post because you can alternate between designer and high street fashion! x

    Sami //


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