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This might aswell be called "The Products I'm Taking On Holibobs" because I'm flying off on a Mediterranean adventure to Cyprus with Clickstay on Monday. NGL, I'm still completely freaking out that I'm heading off on my first ever press trip, but I'm also so buzzed to create some exciting and engaging content surrounding the trip. Expect everything from lifestyle, to travel, to style, to this... beauty!

I've got to say, writing beauty has always been my fave as I love letting you guys know what you absolutely need to get, and what you can totally pass up on. This post is all about those must have products that you need to pop in your case, whether it be hold or carry on.


Ultrasun Face Sun Lotion SPF 30*

I actually have stockpiles of this stuff from beauty boxes, and then Ultrasun got in contact about a collaboration during my trip to Cyprus and sent me even more. Defo not complaining, this stuff is a 100% must have. It's the gentlest formula for sensitive skin, and doesn't break me out like regular sunscreens. This formula is also not oily in the slightest, and melts into the face just like a normal everyday moisturiser.

Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet - Watermelon*

I bought these purely because... watermelon? duh? Watermelon just screams HOLIDAY so of course, I had to have them. Plus they only cost me £4.00 so it's a little indulgent treat to relax with when I'm having a little R&R back at the villa. Will definitely keep you guys updated, because I have a feeling these are gonna be guuuud.

Balance Me Natural Perfection BB Cream SPF 25*

Out of all the BB creams that I've tried this SS17, this one has always been the one I reach for. It's got that sticky, balmy texture that you do need to set with a good powder. But this also means that it's not at all cakey or heavy looking. In fact, I've even built this up to a medium coverage and it looks like... skin. For me, that's the perfect summer makeup base look. Plus, it contains extra SPF to go on top of my regular facial sunscreen. 

Hoola Lite & Hoola Contour Stick*

I mentioned these in my last favourites post, so not going to go into it too much - but I'm calling it - I think that these two will be my dream team bronze-y contour-y summer products for 2k17.

Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray

For both fixing and refreshing, this spray is my summer go-to. I don't know how much makeup I'll be wearing on my trip, but this spray is even a boost for makeup-free skin. Plus, it smells like Watermelon. Need I say now?

Elf Mattifying Blotting Papers

Although my Elf order took over a week to get here, and the BB cream that I purchased was overambitious-ly tanned. This product blew me away the moment that I first used it. This little plastic compact comes with lots of mini blotting papers, and a sponge applicator with a sticky adhesive layer on top. This allows you to add a new plotting paper to the sponge every time you need to mattify, thus letting you "dab" the paper on your face instead of accidentally sliding your makeup everywhere. It instantly absorbs oil, without removing (barely any) makeup at all and then leaves a mattified base to apply more liquid or powder top ups. For under £5, you'd be crazy not to purchase these if you suffer from oily/combo summer skin.


Neom On The Go Holiday Heroes Kit*

This kit contains pretty much everything that I need bodywise for a whole week of travelling:

50ml Great Day Body & Hand Wash
50ml Great Day Body & Hand Lotion
10ml Nourish, Breathe & Calm Hand Balm
5ml Energy Burst On The Go Mist
50g Great Day Body Scrub
5ml Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist

YEP - It even contains a pillow mist, which is amazing as I do find it much harder to settle down to sleep in strange places for the first time, and in the warm weather. The body wash and lotion will definitely get used, and the energy burst mist sounds like an amazing pick-me-up during long days of walking and doing activities. These all smell incredible, and will definitely add a touch of luxury to my showers in Cyprus, for sure.


Ummm right yeah, I'm not putting a particular brand here because I'm a firm believer that the everyday drugstore insect/mozzie repellant sprays are great quality, and generally do what they say on the tin. I'm probably going to end up taking the Boots or Superdrug own brand variety and keep my fingers crossed. Mosquitos generally love my blood anyway, so I end up suffering from quite a few nips during any holiday.


This summer, I'm taking Ultrasun on the road with me to see if I can beat the dreaded prickly skin with a series of conscious lifestyle choices. I'll be doing the usual and taking antihistamines on the lead up to the trip, avoiding tight fitting clothing and shoes, and using the Ultrasun Ultra Sensitive 50+ formula* which is supposed to be lifesaver for sensitive skin in the hot weather. I'm actually going to be doing a full Ultrasun review on my blog when I get back from hols, so make sure you come back to TKL to check it out!


I can't travel without hand sanitizer, I simply can't. I always love to keep some handy in my bag in the UK, so defo going to keep with it when I'm abroad too. My fave formula is the Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gels*. Merci Handy sent me a little bundle of them, and I'm spoiled for choice. They all smell so bloody good, but my favourite has to be Cherie Cherry which would brighten up anyones mood. The little balls inside the gel burst when you apply it (but don't worry they don't stain your skin) and leave you feeling squeaky clean.

I'm also taking their Hello Sunshine Face Mist along too, it's amazinggg for keeping you refreshed on the go, and doesn't leave an oily or greasy feel on the face at all. Just pure refreshment!


Philip Kingsley Citrus Sunshine Swim Cap

Okay so I was waaaay ahead of the game and purchased this ages ago, and it's now out of stock. Sorry! But the original formula is supposed to be just as good, perhaps a little less juicy but hey, it's all about performance right? I've got the 75ml as I'm only away for about a week, and I'm not a massive fan of letting my hair down in the pool and sea anyway. I'll probably be applying this and braiding it back both day and night to prevent damage caused by harsh pool chemicals and sea salt which can be uber drying to the hair. 

Umberto Giannini Glam Cheat Dry Shampoo*

I've been trying out about 8 different formulas recently in a mission to find the crème de la crème of the dry shampoo world, aaaaand this is it. I'm serious guys, this is the real deal. Not only is it crystal clear, but it does a great job at dispersing through the hair easily so you really get good coverage. A bottle doesn't last very long with my thick, long hair but at only £6 and a trip to your local boots, it's well worth it. The packaging also gets an A* from me, and I'm certainly not complaining about the extra volume it gives me either!

If you love a splurge before your hols, definitely give the Percy & Reed No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo* a shot. It's double the price of the Umberto variety, but if you're into luxury then you do you. Be warned though, you need to shake this baby up... a lot! But other than that, it smells ah-mazing and the scent does linger in the hair! One bottle seems to last quite awhile as well, it's defo an investment hair product.

What are you holiday must-haves or travel essentials?

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