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Monday, 10 April 2017

WTF is Bioaqua Hydrating Gel Lip Mask?!

Hey there, welcome to my brand new series! I've recieved lots of crazy/weird products in the post recently, so I thought I'd share them with you and let you know if they really do work. I was gifted one of Bioaqua’s Hydrating Lip Masks (RRP £3.50 / 1 x Mask) in a lovely PR package from Beauty Mart and I just had to put this crazy product to the test for you guys. 

I've seen beauty bloggers, MUA instagrammers, and Korean beauty lovers using these masks before applying liquid matte lippies and such, so there's got to be some substance behind that idea right? I decided that popping on the mask in the morning, and then applying a usually drying lipstick for a day's wear would really test this bad boy out.

The product is full of the collagen and hyaluronic acid in a gel mask which adds moisture to dry, chapped lips, whilst temporarily filling any delicate lines, leaving lips looking plump n' fab. These masks are one use only, which can seem quite steep at £3.50 a piece. You defo can't use them everyday, but once a week to upkeep lip moisture seems like a decent aim. Apparently you simply pop it on for 10 minutes upwards for lip hydration, seems simple enough!

The consistency of this mask is so, so weird. It really is a flexible gel, but I was pretty concerned about ripping the thing as I was taking it out the packaging and popping it on my lips. It's pretty clear but has a faint pink colour, and I didn't notice any intense fragrance at all, which is great for those with sensitive skin. After I put the mask on, I did have to keep smoothing it against my skin as it just wanted to drop off every now and again. 

The mask looks pretty freaky on, but I thought it looked pretty cute compared to any other "serum" based sheet-style masks you usually find. I decided to leave it on for 5-10 minutes like the packaging recommended, even though you can leave it on for further hydration. After removing the mask, I did notice that I had super soft and smooth lips, which was exciting af. I usually have really dry lips and need to constantly apply lip balm to keep my lips moisturised.

However, during the day I noticed that my lips did become very dry again and I had to apply a lip balm by about late afternoon. For a £3.50 per use mask, I would expect a little more in terms of performance but I do have very dry lips usually, and perhaps it would have been more appropriate to leave it on for longer? Not sure, but I seriously couldn't have waited any longer before I downed my coffee before a seriously long day of uni.

What do you think of this crazy lip mask?



  1. It looks pretty crazy but gutted it doesn't really work :( I think I'll stick with regular lip balm! Cool photos too though x


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