Sunday, 5 February 2017

January Beauty Faves

Okay, so "January Faves" might not be fitting name for this post, let's be honest. I actually haven't done a faves post in such a long time due to my time away from blogging, sigh. However, I am back with a bang, and I'm very happy to be finally sharing my current fave products that are totally worth the $$$ IMO.

I'm obvz going to be doing a "Worth The Hype" post all about this cult palette - but long story short, it's just fab. If you were on the fence, or maybe considering the splurge, I really doubt that you'd be at all disappointed with this palette. It's 100% a must have for warm-toned shadow lovers, for sure.

I picked one of these up with the 20% off voucher Feel Unique kindly sent me as a birthday prezzie, as I had been eying the up on IG for months now. Seems like everyone has one of these bad boys, and yup - I totally get it. I didn't get the initial nude shade that I was planning on purchasing, but made a last min decision (as per usual) to get deep brick-toned nude that is so very flattering on the lips. I always get compliments when I'm wearing this lippy as it has that lush velvet matte effect without any form of drying, like you would get with a regular lip liner. 10/10 - Would recommend.

I got this as a sample in my Birchbox a few months back, and it has become my top shelf primer for everyday, despite the fact that I hated it this time last year. I tried it for about a week a year ago, and my skin broke out so, so much. It was pretty horrendous so I threw the sample tube away asap. Weirdly enough, I wanted to give it another shot as small pores = life, right? This time around, I love it, and I've already put in an order for the full size product. I think that it might be a bit hit & miss, so try and get your hands on a sample before investing!

I only got this in the post a few days ago actually, thank you Beauty Bay (Baeee)! I love love love natural finish foundations for everyday wear & creating that "no-makeup" makeup look, and this one totally lives up to it's name. It looks super natural on the skin, however it's surprisingly quite thick and you do need a beauty blender or equivalent to apply it in a natural way. The foundation is buildable and I like to apply it to a medium coverage which makes the skin look naturally flawless, if ya feel me? It is quite glowy so I mattified it with a setting powder and it lasted a good 7/8 hours with a normal amount of oiliness (for me personally).

Boots sent this baby over to me this autumn, and I've only just fallen in love with it. I know that so many people on YouTube just don't rate this product, but to hell with it. I bloody love it, and truth be told I'm not even sure why. The bronzer is so-so as it's just a bit too sparkly for my taste, but the blush is beautiful and flattering. Plus it lasts just as long on my skin as some of my higher end blushes and wears well too. If you like more of a natural-sheen to the cheeks over a poppin' glow then you'll love the highlight too. Oh, and I really love the compact itself - How cute!

I got a surprise package from the newly launched Beauty Pie brand last month and there were some seriously amazing goodies inside. Especially, this lip gloss. Know why? I generally really don't wear lipgloss, but I really do enjoy wearing this one! It smells like chocolate frosting and is the most flattering peach toned nude with gold sparkle. There's pretty much no stickiness (which I hate) and it wears down really nicely too. I would highly recommend checking out their brand if you're looking to experiment with some exciting new products.

So I've been a good blogger and raided LUSH for their Valentine's Day collection, primarily for this shower cream. It smells sweet, but not too sweet, like yummy vanilla-y marshmallows and leaves skin feeling baby soft and hydrated. Plus I'm 99.9% sure I have the shower gel formulation of Prince Charming so I'm pretty happy to add this to my lil LUSH family.

This 99% natural formula has been a fab edition to my recent skincare routine, as I luvvv a good mask I do. It promises to leave you with more glowy, bright looking skin and I've definitely noticed my skin looking more "alive" without makeup on. Not totally convinced that this product helps with congested skin or breakouts, but for glowy, pretty skin this is heaven.

Ever since I bleached my hair I've been looking for ways to re-moisturised my dry, dead locks and I've really enjoyed spritzing on this coconut scented serum. You guys know that I love the Coco Loco range in general, and this is my new obsession for tangly, dull hair. It almost makes my hair glisten and glow and doesn't leave a greasy film like some serums. I would definitely suggesting this lil bottle up if you need an affordable hair pick-me-up!

What have you been loving in the last month?




  1. I love that Rimmel Face palette to keep in my handbag incase I'm popping out for drinks after work as it's so compact and the actual product is so good for the price! I think I'm going to have to treat myself to the Modern Renaissance palette, even if I'm months behind because those shades are so me! xx

    1. I might do that too, thank you for the heads up!
      The MR palette is ridiculously good, you'll love it! x

  2. First off I love your style of photographing the products! Amazing! I really like the Prince Charming Lush Shower Gel, I had to buy one too when it came into stores. You can never go wrong with some Coco Loco, I adore their whole range.
    Lea, xx

  3. Digging the cohesive color palette in this post! I love the colors in the ABH palette, but have always thought they'd be a bit difficult to pull off personally. That Rimmel palette on the other hand . . . definitely need to pick it up!

    1. Thank you Alyse, so glad you enjoyed the post! xo

  4. That is literally the palette of dreams!

  5. Great picks! The Modern Renaissance palette will always be a solid favourite for me!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  6. Walkyrie is one of my all time favorite NARS lip pencil shades! I've been eyeing the ABH palette for a while now too but I just don't wear eyeshadows enough to validate purchasing it - I may use it for inspiration to pick up some new shades. Just found your blog but I'm loving reading through some of your latest posts!

    Cindy |


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