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The first day of a new term is nigh, would you bloody believe it. It only feels like yesterday that I finally broke up from uni for summer break, and now I'm back to prepping for another successful year of studying (fingers crossed). So I thought I'd start a new blog series on a variety of key essentials for when you're heading back to school/college/uni, starting with Study Essentials! These are all the things that I need & use on a day-to-day basis to get me through a day of 9-to-5 classes, boo.


Paul's Boutique Adele Handheld Bag (£75.00)

The "school" bag is probably one of the most important things to get right when you're heading back for the start of a new term. It needs to tick quite a few boxes right? Stylish, comfortable, and correctly sized! I've made the mistake of falling in love with a bag only to find that it doesn't fit a whole a4 folder, leaving me with full hands as I try to juggle all of my uni gear home. The Adele bag is perfectly sized for uni, as it's so roomy. I truly believe in spending that little bit more on a uni/school bag as you're going to get so much use out of it, and need it to work as hard as you are!

Oliver Bonas Initital Pencil Case (£8.50)

For me, a pencil case isn't a massive deal. I spend the majority of my time throwing a pen in my bag at the last minute, as I'm trying to put on a few coats of mascara before my 9am lecture *zzzzz*. However, this year I'm going to invest as I have plans to finally get myself organised in the stationary department. I spotted this super cute one from Oliver Bonas which comes in all the letters of the alphabet so you can pick a letter than has meaning to you!


Despite how they look, all of these Kate Spade pens have black ink, which I love. The colourful slogan packaging is so cute, plus I only write with blank ink - so it's great to finally find some fun pens in black! These are a sweet little investment to have you taking notes in style!


Urban Outfitters Slogan Pencils Pack (£5.00)

Despite what you think, you need pencils more than ever at uni. You'll go to lectures hungover, hungry, tired as hell and believe me, you'll make mistakes - lots of them! I got into the habit of taking notes on handouts in pencil so that I have the option to correct them later, rather than ruin the whole photocopy! I love how sassy these playful pencils are - Bite me!


School, college, or university - It doesn't matter which one of them you are attending, you'll always be swamped with work. Books on books on books. It's so easy to get lost in the endless reading, I mean, which page was I on before I fell asleep cradling my glass of red last night?! I always have sticky notes on hand to use as bookmarks and on the front of books to keep track of relevant quotes and pages that may come in handy for my next coursework or an exam. Any sticky notes will do, but how darn yummy are these donut shaped ones, huh?!


Accessorize Rosalie Memo Notes & Diary (£8.00)

Trust me & get a planner. I mean it, get one! Now that I use mine religiously, I don't know how I coped without one. If you are aiming to get yourself in gear and get those high grades, you're going to need to start organising yourself and managing your time well. I love this one from Accessorize as it has little sticky notes, page markers, and list for shopping or study notes - as well as a diary. So no excuses for not scheduling in your homework!


Urban Outfitters Daily Journal (£15.00)


I know, I know, more journals hol? Yes, I actually have 2/3 planners or journals on the go at once. It might seem excessive but I like to seperate things like work, uni, and blogging into different journals (with different colours or patterns) so I don't have one really jumbled up diary. I have one of these from UO, a palm print one, however these new styles have really stolen my heart! The inside is perfect for organising your whole day - as there are sections where you can plan the whole 24 hour period, and write notes & lists!


 Accessorize Shell Yeah Earbuds (£10.00)

I shared a photo of these on Twitter and you guys went a bit nuts for them, so I thought I'd share them with any other readers that I may have (hey there!). I mean come on, do I need to say anything - they are perfect for any mermaid or purrmaid alike!

Accessorize Cat Floral Mirror (£6.00)

Like I mentioned earlier, chances are that you'll be heading to class/lectures: 1) Hungover, 2) Exhausted, 3) Late - and your makeup will certainly not be on point. There have been many times that I've had to run out the door and apply a little make up later on, and a mini mirror does wonders. It's also great to have to check lippy after lunch, before afternoon class!


I would say that a good watch is essential for any university, college, or school student. Not only does it make you look prepared, it's so handy for when you can't check your phone for the time mid-lesson. The Classic Sheffield is just so effortlessly beautiful, and it is sure to match any outfit that you throw together when you're running late for class! 

This one is a tad bit pricey, so it's a good buy if you're looking for a classic watch that you can wear both out out, and to lectures. If you're on more of a standard student budget, check out these options from New Look (£12.99) and River Island (£25.00) which are super cute for more than half the price!


Urban Outfitters Pink Fruit Infuser Water Bottle (£12.00)

This essential needs no explanation, a water bottle is key for hydration throughout the day - especially when you're in a room having a lecture with up to 100 people at uni! By bringing your own, you'll save a load of $$$! Plus this fruit infuser one will help your water taste delish, and you'll get some vital vitamins and minerals too - yaaaas!


It doesn't matter how late I am, I always have time to take a cuppa to uni with me. Whether it's a pick-me-up coffee or a hearty classic english breakfast tea, I love sipping on a hot, caffeinated drink during my first class of the day. You can use any old thermos style flask, but the floral pattern on this Cath Kidston qt makes me swoon!

What are your fave study essentials?
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  1. Oh my god I love the bag! I'm a sucker for black anything tbh. I'm actually starting uni I'm September so this was kind of helpful for me haha even though I've got no idea what to expect! Xx

  2. The sticky notes and the planner are to die for! But I love everything in this list, lovely post! X

  3. This post made me realise how unprepared I am haha. The sticky notes are too cute and I love the UO planners - organisation really is key. I'm still trying to find a suitable bag and the one you mentioned looks great! xx

    1. It's normal to be unprepared! I was totally unprepared when I started uni haha!


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