Thursday, 4 August 2016

July Beauty Favourites

After sadly smashing my holy grail highlighter, the Mary-Lou Manizer, I just couldn't justify the re-purchase. The Mary-Lou is just too fragile for my liking, and for the price. I decided to go on a hunt for a brand new drugstore highlight, and this is the one that I completely swooned over. The shade is a beautiful iridescent golden, white buttery powder, which has plenty of pigmentation and definitely looks very duo chrome on the skin. Whilst the staying power of this product isn't the best, a lil Fix + (or any equivalent setting spray) will make it go that extra bit further throughout the day.

Okay, so after all the hype I caved in and bought the infamous post-shave balm. I bought mine in Wilko's for an insanely good deal at only £3.50-ish, so it wasn't too much of a splurge. All I can say is that this really does do a fantastic job at priming the face - less in a longevity sort of way, but more in a very moisturizing, smoothing base. For a bargain price of a fiver for a huge bottle, it's definitely worth investing in!

I tried this out on a whim after being sent a very generous box of goodies from the lovely guys over at W7, and I was completely won over. Although the matte shades are duds for me personally, the shimmers are just fab, and for under £6 that's totally okay with me. My favourites of the bunch are the centre shimmer shade, which is pretty much a true gold, and the bottom left shade which is a warm, mauve brown. Both are extremely buttery and pigmented, and I can't get over how well they wear throughout the day.

In complete honesty, I was pretty skeptical about this product. I was scared that it would apply too heavily, too streaky, and would look unnatural. Boy, was I wrong about all of those things. This powder goes on like a dream and is so buildable. The shade is a perfect sun-kissed matte bronze, nothing too orange or too grey. Also, a little goes a long way so you only need a quick dusting on all of the places that your face naturally catches the sun for an instantly warmed complexion.

I've never been the biggest fan of tanning products out of fear of any possible transfer onto my clothes or sheets, or those dreaded streaky orange hands. However, when I heard that there was a self-tanner that you can use in the shower, my mind was blown. I use the Light formula, and put it on for 3 minutes every time that I shower for a very subtle sun-kissed glow.

I haven't used these since I was about 14/15 years old and they remind me of my mum. She used to use them all the time and I never really knew why - I would use them and nothing would happen, but of course I was only 14. Now that I'm 22, I totally get why my mum used these so often as I have unfortunately inherited her open pores, especially on my nose. Because I love wearing make up, these pore fill up very quickly with primer, foundation and powder and the pores are very hard to clear out causing build up of residue, dirt leading to blackhead formation. To combat this, I use these strips once or twice a week as a sort of deep clean for my pore and I feel so much better for it.

Luckily enough, I picked this up in a goodie bag from Urban Decay and I didn't expect to like it this much. I only have the mini travel version, but I am so, so tempted to splurge on the real thing because this bad boy is guuuuuud. I have tiny, spiky, straight lashes and when this is applied after my favourite lash primer, my lashes look long, and full of volume which is just what I need in a mascara.

Uhhhhh guys, I cannot tell you how much I love this conditioner. Not only does it smell amazing, but it leaves my hair feeling so smooth. I don't mean the softness that many products give through silicon coating of the hair like most products, but in a nourishing sense. My hair feels really looked after and genuinely feels like it's recovering from all the bleaching damage.Just follow the general rule - If in doubt: Coconut Oil.

I got a full sized pot of this glorious cream in a gift box from Pandora and I just couldn't believe it. I had (obvz) of the brand, Philosophy, before but had always been put off by the high-end prices of all of their products. Okay, so the price point is high, but this makes my skin feel oh-so dreamy and so, so soft. Would I repurchase? My brain says no, but my heart says yesssss.

I am absolutely in love with this formula, guys, it's an almost whipped consistency exfoliator. The whipped creme formula is energized with enzymes and probiotics, and has a wonderfully light scent. The srcubby lil micro beads in this formula are made from hydrogenated jojoba oil which means you can use this without fear of harming the environment, whilst getting a very generous exfoliation in the meantime. My skin is always left feeling super soft and fresh after using this treatment, oh, and the packaging looks just gorgeous on display in the bathroom - modern and simplistic. Plus this treatment is Natural, Organic, and not tested on animals, yeaaah buddy!

Ayyyyy I'm officially a sucker for Spectrum brushes ladies n' gents. Not only do they look bomb, but this one specifically applies contour beautifully and just gives a chiseled look without having to really try very hard. The bristle shape and bend is perfect to precisely apply just the right amount of product, whilst blending out effortlessly. Plus, they look so beautiful on display on any pur-maids' vanity.

I was sent this lovely lip liner by Botanical Brands a few weeks back, and I have been using every other day since! It's just gorgeous on the lips on it's own, however tends to be on the dry side, so I use it with a lip balm to really boost that moisture level. The shade is stunning, an almost warm brown nude that definitely gives that 90's lip without fully committing to a cool brown shade, therefore it's so wearable on many skintones. A major plus is that this pencil is super soft and doesn't drag, it's kind to lips!

Which products have you been loving this month?



  1. Def adding some of these products to my wishlist. Beautiful post xx.


  2. I love Dr Organic products! I tried a scrub and a moisturiser before and I loved them! Great picks x


    1. They really are just so good for your body! <3


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