Saturday, 2 July 2016

My Jolie Candle Review

A few weeks ago, My Jolie Candle popped into my inbox and offered me two of their beautiful candles to review on my blog. Well, you guys know that I am a complete candle junkie, so of course I said yes! My Jolie Candles products are very special, as each candle contains a piece of jewellery which is revealed as the candles melt away! So My Jolie Candle popped a lovely goodie box full of pretty little things, including two cute little candles from their collection.


I recieved the Cherry Blossom Candle* and the Red Berries Candle* (both £19.90), and was pretty darn impressed with the packaging of both products. The candle packaging feels sturdy, but so luxe - this product is definitely one that you can treat yourself (or someone special) to! I love the unique design that each individual candle scent has, it's just so creative and is a quirky bit of stylish colour to suit anyone's home decor.


I absolutely adored the sound of both scents that were sent over to me, and they were very strong in the jar. They both are very true to the name, with the Red Berry version reminiscent of chillaxing in the garden with a yummy Eton Mess and Strawberry Pimms, and the Cherry Blossom adding a fresh floral scent to your home.

Dependant on what you usually go for, the news that these candles have a weak throw (yes, I said throw) might excite or be a bit of a downer. If you enjoy delicately lingering scents, that aren't too in yo' face or overpowering, then you will love these lil gems. They burned for a very impressive number of hours, and I love the fact that they're naturally made from vegetable and soy oils which is non-toxic and allows for better combustion.


I just love this idea, and it really does get you excited about finishing your candle - Otherwise it's such a bummer, right? So you've lit your candle, periodically, and it's burned down to reveal the foil wrapping to your jewellery surprise. Here's where I had a few problems with being not patient enough,FYI -  You need to wait until the whole foil wrapping is unveiled! Then pop it out with a pair of tweezers, wait to cool, and you're good to go!

Due to the fact that each piece jewellery is worth at least £20.00 retail value, this definitely covers the cost of the candle alone! Plus you can firstly select the scent you require, and then your prefered type of jewellery, so you know that you'll get something that you'll enjoy, whether it be a ring, necklace, or bracelet! I recieved two beautiful dainty silver bracelets with tiny crystal details! Each is guaranteed to be made of silver with Swarovski elements - Plus, 1 in 100 surprise jewellery pieces are made of gold and diamonds - are you feeling lucky yet?

Fancy treating yourself or someone you love?

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  1. These look and sound amazing! I love the addition of a piece of jewellery!

    Parie x

  2. It's fab to see different items of jewelery in the candles other than rings as I don't wear a lot of rings. Gorgeous bracelets too!


  3. I've always wanted to try these candles, I just love the idea of a pretty surprise! I would probably burn them impatiently to find out what it is though haha. The Red Berries candle sounds lovely xx

    Tamz |

  4. I love the idea of this! Super cute!x


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